Oathbringer: Book Review

We continue the journey with book three in the Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson; OathBringer. Find out what happens after the Voidbringers finally return.

Oathbringer Summary

The Desolation has finally arrived and Dalinar Kholin and the Alethi army have fought off the Voidbringers and have transported everyone to Urithiru, a tower high above the mountains. An Everstorm that blows in the wrong direction threatens to destroy humanity and the parshman slaves have all rebelled and joined the enemy army.

There is one good news though; the Knights Radiant have returned but even they may not be enough to stop Odium and the Voidbringers. Dalinar tries to unite all the countries to face the biggest threat to humanity.

Oathbringer: The Stormlight Archive
Oathbringer by Brandon Sanderson

With the help of Shallan Khaladin, and the people closest to him, Dalinar tries to do the impossible as he faces threats from the enemy and from people inside the tower. Or humanity may be seeing its last days.


These novels take a long time to read. I cannot even imagine how much time it takes Sanderson to even write them. Reading this trilogy has been a blessing and a curse. A blessing because it is truly one of the best series I have read. A curse because it doesn’t leave me much time to read anything else.

In book three of the Stormlight Archive, we get to see Dalinar before when he was driven by bloodlust. Kingdoms and highprinces feared him and rightfully so. Without Dalinar, Galinar wouldn’t have been able to unite the kingdom. We see Dalinar struggle with his need to fight and unable to enjoy a quiet life.

In the present time, Kaladin struggles with the fact that the parshman aren’t bad. Yes, they may be working for the enemy but they were slaves in their prior lives, something Khaladin knows too well. It was easier when there was a clear good and evil but the lines have been blurred and Khaladin must find an answer he can live with for everyone’s sake.

OathBringer Kindle Version

Shallan is many people and she starts to lose herself. All the lies she tells are starting to become truths and she doesn’t know who is in control anymore. As she faces her illusions, she finds her role has changed with the return of Jasnah. But with her unique abilities, only she is able to infiltrate and learn as much as about her enemies to stop them.


If you enjoyed any of the previous novels in the series, then you will surely enjoy this one. There is a lot happening, new characters are introduced, and we learn a lot more about the world the novel takes place in. The battles are epic and we are given yet another amazing novel by Sanderson.

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