The Brooklyn Public Library Opens Jay-Z Exhibition

  Jay-Z is one of the biggest rappers in the world. His influence is beyond music and that was reaffirmed by the Brooklyn Public Library. On July 13th, the Brooklyn Public Library debuted an exhibition dedicated to Jay-Z’s life and career called The Book of Hov.”  

Brooklyn Public Library Opens Jay-Z Exhibit

Brooklyn is where Jay-Z was born and raised and he reps the borough proudly. On opening night, the stars came out to celebrate the opening ceremony which closed the library on Thursday. Among the guests were Beyoncé and Blue Ivy as well as Fat Joe and DJ Khaled.  

Brooklyn Public Library Opens Jay-Z Exhibit

The exhibit contains stuff from all Jay-Z’s illustrious career such as his master recordings and a replica of Baseline Recording Studios, the studio where the rapper recorded many of his songs and albums. Other memorabilia include the guitar he played at Glastonbury as well as the liquor license from the 40/40 Club.  

The exhibit was curated without Jay-Z’s knowledge. “I know he wouldn’t let us do this,” said Roc Nation CEO Desiree Perez.  

I expect many people to flock towards the exhibit in the coming weeks. Jay-Z is one of the most popular figures in Brooklyn’s history and one of the most famous celebrities. I expect locals and tourists alike will be crowding the library to see this unique exhibit.

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