Books To Read For Fans of Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible movies always gets your adrenaline going. The action sequences are ridiculous and yet you can take your eyes off the screen. That is why we will be recommending books to read for fans of Mission Impossible. Keep reading to find out which books you should read!  

There are a lot of spy books but not all of them are similar to Mission Impossible. This list has some of the best spy books of all time as well as a few hidden gems. Many of these books have been adapted into movies so you can always watch the movies after you have finished reading the books. You can see the full list below!  

Mission: Impossible Books to read similar to the movies

Books To Read For Fans of Mission Impossible  

Nothing Beats a Good Spy Novel  

This list includes many big name franchises. Everyone knows about James Bond and has seen the movies. But the novels are often ignored. They shouldn’t be as they capture the essence of spy novels.  

Another classic book on this list is The Day of the Jackal by Frederick Forsyth. What makes this novel fun is that the plot is given to you within the first few pages. As the reader, you are eager to know how the events took place even though you know the end result.  

And then there are the typical spy novel franchises that see the protagonist in danger every book. The stakes get bigger and wilder and these authors have mastered this genre. The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy and The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum are two spy series that you will enjoy a lot.  


These are the books to read if you want to recapture the magic of Mission Impossible. What books would you add to this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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1 thought on “Books To Read For Fans of Mission Impossible

  1. Jim Brown says:

    Interested in fact based espionage and ungentlemanly officers and spies? Do read “Beyond Enkription” by Bill Fairclough – it is the first stand-alone fact-based espionage novel of six autobiographical tomes in The Burlington Files series. As the first book in the series, it provides a gripping introduction to the world of British intelligence and espionage. It is an intense electrifying spy thriller that had me perched on the edge of my seat from beginning to end. The twists and turns in the interwoven plots kept me guessing beyond the epilogue. The characters were wholesome, well-developed and intriguing. The author’s attention to detail added extra layers of authenticity to the narrative.

    In real life Bill Fairclough aka Edward Burlington (MI6 codename JJ) was one of Pemberton’s People in MI6; for more about that see a brief News Article dated 31 October 2022 published in TheBurlingtonFiles website. The series follows the real life of Bill Fairclough (and his family) who worked not only for British Intelligence, but also the CIA et al for several decades. The first tome is set in 1974 in London, Nassau and Port au Prince: see TheBurlingtonFiles website for a synopsis.

    Fairclough is not a professional but his writing style is engaging and fast-paced, making it difficult to put the book down as he effortlessly glides from cerebral issues to action-packed scenes which are never that far apart. Beyond Enkription is the stuff memorable spy films are made of. It’s raw, realistic, punchy, pacy and provocative. While the book does not feature John le Carré’s “delicate diction, sophisticated syntax and placid plots” it remains a riveting and delightful read.

    This thriller is like nothing we have ever come across before. Indeed, we wonder what The Burlington Files would have been like if David Cornwell (aka John le Carré) had collaborated with Bill Fairclough whom critics have likened to “a posh Harry Palmer”. They did consider collaborating but did not proceed as explained in the aforementioned News Article. Nonetheless, critics have lauded Beyond Enkription as being ”up there with My Silent War by Kim Philby and No Other Choice by George Blake”.

    Overall, Beyond Enkription is a brilliantly refreshing book and a must read, especially for espionage cognoscenti. I cannot wait to see what is in store for us in the future. In the meantime, before reading Beyond Enkription do visit TheBurlingtonFiles website. It is like a living espionage museum and breathtaking in its own right.


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