10 Up and Coming Indie Authors to Read

This blog post is dedicated to 10 up-and-coming indie authors and their books. Indie authors have a harder time publishing their books because they have to do all the work that a normal publishing house does. These 10 authors defied the odds and have new books coming to the bookish community soon! 

Being the in the bookish community I am constantly looking for the next up-and-coming indie authors. I am lucky enough to have found 10 up-and-coming indie authors that I believe every reader should be on the lookout for. The authors I have found are all from different genres and have different writing styles. I wanted to share the 10 authors that I discovered from my months in the bookish community with you all… 

#1 Dark Romance Indie Author Sasha R.C 

I recently discovered dark romance author Sasha R.C. and absolutely fell in love with the stories that she creates. Although Sasha is not new to the publishing world, she is new to the dark romance genre and is currently doing a rapid release of dark romance books. She has been branded as The Queen of Dark Romance and for good reason. Sasha is currently writing and releasing six dark taboo romance books.  

Before Sasha was an indie author, Sasha was working with a hybrid publisher. Although she is grateful for working with the hybrid publisher, she realized that it wasn’t for her and decided to publish on her own. Sasha discovered a bookish company that provides services to indie authors to help them through their process. Read more about this amazing Dark Romance author here https://books4movies.com/author-sasha-r-c/ 

#2 Young Adult Fantasy Author Morgan Gauthier 

I discovered Morgan Gauthier this March when I read her book Wolves of Adalore. It was the first fantasy book I got hooked on after reading Sarah J. Maas’s books. I absolutely loved the story that Morgan wrote and I had the opportunity to interview Morgan I got to know her and what her writing process was like firsthand. Morgan is currently writing a new series in the NA genre and I cannot wait to see what she brings to the genre. Want to know more about this author check out this link! https://books4movies.com/author-morgan-gauthier/  

#3 Diversity Fantasy Author Tia Christine 

 Tia Christine is a new indie author who is currently writing her debut novel Realm of Khaos. She has published a travel-size word search book so it is not her first-time publishing but it is her first book in a series. Tia’s books have a wide range of diversity, a little romance, a strong female heroine, and much more. Tia is currently planning on writing nine books that will intertwine with her Khaos series! If would you like to know more about this new author check it out here! https://books4movies.com/author-tia-christine-2/

#4 Children Book Author Caron Pescatore 

Caron Pescatore writes children’s books and currently has five books published. Although I am not a child, I do enjoy a good book written for children. Caron is a lawyer during the day and added that concept into children’s books. Her first book was called The Doll Dilemma which is about a kid lawyer. Find out more about Caron Pescatore on https://books4movies.com/author-caron-pescatore/  

#5 Urban Fantasy Author S.L Mason 

S.L Mason writes not only in the Epic Fantasy genre but also in the Sci-Fiction genre. One of my favorite series that she wrote was her Hallowed Hills series which is what got me back into reading. S.L. published her first series in 2020 and I have been following her ever since. The way she turns nursery rhymes into something else it’s what hooks you and keeps you reading her books. Her Sci-Fi series is called Killing Gods, it’s a whole world that she created with world-building and twists and turns. Find out more about this author at https://books4movies.com/author-s-l-mason/  

#6 Historical Romance Fantasy Author Tabitha Min 

Tabitha Min is a new indie author who writes historical romance fantasy. Her book Dawn of Avarice was another favorite of mine. Historical romance was a new genre for me to read and I was honestly surprised at how much I enjoyed it. I loved seeing all the history pieces in her book and I do know that she is currently writing book 2 in the series as well as a thriller. Learn more about this author at https://books4movies.com/author-tabitha-min/  

#7 Young Adult Magical Fantasy Author E.M Leander 

Although E.M. Leander is not new to the publishing world, she is new to the fantasy genre. The first genre that she wrote in was Sci-Fi. I had the chance to read her fantasy book Wren and the Tarnished Tiger and loved it! It reminded me of the Harry Potter series. It has tons of magic involved with a love story in the background. E.M. is currently writing book 2 in her Game of Gods series. Want to know more about this author? Check out https://books4movies.com/author-e-m-leander/ for more information. 

#8 Romance Fantasy Author K.C McMillian 

K.C. McMillian is a new author that I recently discovered. Although she is not new to publishing, she is new to me as a reader. K.C. is currently writing book two in her Magic is Real series as well as book two in her Bright series which will be released next year. She will be on my auto-buy list! Her books are in one of my favorite genres. Make sure to check out https://books4movies.com/author-kc-mcmillian/ for more information on her! 

#9 Sports Romance Author Gabrielle Delacourt 

Gabrielle Delacourt is a sports romance author that I very recently discovered. I don’t normally read sports romances but I’ve heard nothing but positive reviews about her book Goal Suck. For those who love sports romances, this author is for you! Want to know more about Sports Romance author Gabrielle Delacourt follow her on Instagram @authorgabrielledelacourt

#10 Fantasy Author Kami Larsen

Kami Larsen is a new fantasy author who recently published her book A Simple Tale of Water and Weeping. I absolutely loved her take on Celtic folklore. Instead of the normal Selkie being a woman, she switched it around to where the Selkie is a male. Kami is a pediatrician by day, and an incredible author by night. She is currently writing two other books that will be stand-alone. Would you like to know more about this author? Make sure to check out https://books4movies.com/author-kami-larson/    

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As I mentioned above, I have found 10 up-and-coming indie authors, some from the same genre but have different writing styles and others who are in completely different genres. I have had the chance to read books by all these authors and have found that they are on my auto-buy list whenever they have new books that get released. I hope this article has been helpful and make sure to check out http://www.books4movies.com for more information on these authors and services! 

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