Best augmented reality books that children will love!

Have you ever wished a book could spring to life? Now it’s possible. And these best augmented reality books will kick start your children’s imagination.

Reading a book has always been a wonder. They get your mind to drift and create worlds beyond our own. And now the best augmented reality books claim to take young readers one step further.

With augmented reality, books can draw their readers in with lots of extra surprises. They can bring characters out from the pages, turn settings into 3D models and show you details of a story up close and personal.

It’s clear the trend waxes and wanes. But if the books re-emerge, where would you start?

There are white shelves filled with books in a clean. white, modern building with large diamond windows and lots of open space.

Top picks of best augmented reality books

Below you’ll find a personal selection of the best augmented reality books. These are ideal for young readers too. Whether you’re keen to share the experience, or they want to have a go themselves.

Plus there’s a special mention for one exceptional augmented reality book at the end:

Space Race by Ben Hubbard

Study the wonders of space. In this book, the reader journeys from the Earth to the Moon, jetting off into the stars and back while learning about the science of space travel and the incredible effort that goes into leaving the Earth’s atmosphere.

ART PARTY by Yunean Esparza

Hidden in the pages is a virtual exhibition of Yunean’s works of art. Perfect for inspiring future artists, art truly comes alive in this picture book.

Extinct Animals: Unleash Augmented Reality Prehistoric Beasts by Camilla de la Bedoyere

With this non-fiction text, come face to face with some of the wildest prehistoric creatures of the ages. It’s like a visit to the natural history museum all from the comfort of your own home.

The Dragon Defenders by James Russel

Follow the story of one father and his son as they fight to protect the precious secret of their island home.

Tom Swift Inventor’s Academy by Victor Appleton

This story mixes action and adventure with problem-solving skills. Readers have to find solutions to engineering problems that take place throughout the story. An amazing tool for teaching science in literacy.

Back to Earth with a Bump by Twinkl Originals

This picture book follows Hal and his imaginative adventures through space. The story is made for children around 4-7 years old. And is the perfect addition for bedtime. You’ll need to download the app to get the most from any augmented reality. But readers can enjoy the book without it too.

And as for the special mention…

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore captured the hearts of readers worldwide. A famous short story by William Joyce where books literally fly off the shelves earned a top spot in New York Times Best Sellers!

While the augmented reality from this book is outdated, the book is still a timely masterpiece. You can also watch the short film which inspired the book too.

What do you think of augmented reality books?

Who’d have thought reading would involve beyond the physical pages? But as time goes on, technology continues to surprise us.

Whether it’s from the convenience of a Kindle, or downloadable e-books, technology is having more of a say. And getting its share of the bookshelf.

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