Classical Poet’s Ten Greatest Novels Ever Written  

The question of what are the “greatest books ever written?” is asked often. But we don’t expect a real answer. Classical Poet decided to do the impossible and try to make a list that shall end the debate once and for all. That is why we will be looking at Classical Poet’s ten greatest novels ever written list. Keep reading to find out which ten books made the list! 

Classical Poet’s Ten Greatest Novels Ever Written 
Classical Poet’s Ten Greatest Novels Ever Written 

The Society of Classical Poets focuses on poetry. It is a nonprofit that “dedicated to the revival and proliferation of good, new poetry.” But what does a poetry nonprofit know about books? Their list doesn’t give too much reassurance to be honest. You can see the full list below. 

Classical Poet’s Ten Greatest Novels Ever Written 

  1. War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy 
  2. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens  
  3. The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas 
  4. The Odyssey by Homer 
  5. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen 
  6. Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe 
  7. The Iliad by Homer 
  8. Hamlet by William Shakespeare 
  9. Journey to the West by Wu Cheng’en 
  10. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight 

An Unexpected Top Ten 

Some of these books on the list are questionable choices. I don’t understand it but that may be because this list isn’t made by a bookaholic but a poetry fanatic. The criteria of what’s considered a great book will vary and that is evident. 

They list started off great with everything up to Pride and Prejudice being great selections. But Robinson Crusoe is where I was baffled. I can’t see that being better than To Kill a Mockingbird or The Great Gatsby.  

The top three picks are also interesting and ones I haven’t seen chosen in major top ten lists. Hamlet is great but if you are going to judge by writing style, why not include a bunch more Shakespeare novels? It appears to me that the impact of the novels seems to have played a role in their selection.  


I rarely strongly disagree with a list and to be fair, this list has about five books that I would say deserve their spot. But leaving out some literary classics and having War and Peace at ten is a bad start. I do give them points for including The Count of Monte Cristo because that is an amazing novel. 

What did you think of Classical Poet’s ten greatest novels ever written list? What books would you have included in the list? Let us know in the comments below! 

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11 thoughts on “Classical Poet’s Ten Greatest Novels Ever Written  

  1. ARR says:

    Makes perfect sense to me. These books, I’ve read all but three, are a beautiful construction of language and our other senses.

    1. Anonymous says:

      The most difficult thing about this question is the act of narrowing it down to ten. I simply could not do so.

  2. Zulma says:

    You missed El Quijote, Cervantes and Cien años de Soledad, Gabriel García Mrquez, to name just 2.


    Somebody needs to brush up on the definition of “novel,”

  4. Stephen J Barber says:

    The Iliad, the Odyssey, Hamlet and Sir Gawain are not novels. You need to be sensitive to genre, not just to story.

  5. Noel Anthony Haughey says:

    My Life and Poetry memoir is my favorite on Amazon – find out for yourself – just read it only 55 pages with links (google) and 18 poems – by Noel Anthony Haughey

  6. Tony Nesca says:

    This is not even remotely close to the list that I would write, and it is not even close to other lists I have read. No Hemingway? No Fitzgerald? No Henry Miller? Kerouac? Joyce? C’mon, man….


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