The Benefits of Reading Books

Most people read to read and the benefits of reading are surplus. But what are the benefits of reading. Keep reading to find out how reading will help you and may even add years to your life!

The Benefits of Reading Books

What are the benefits of reading you ask? Down below we have listed some of the most common benefits and ones that you will definitely enjoy along with the new adventures provided by the novel you choose to read.

Exercise the Brain by Reading 

When you read, your brain gets a workout. You have to remember the various characters, settings, plots and retain that information throughout the book. Your brain is doing a lot of work and you don’t even realize it. Which makes it the perfect exercise!

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Helps Improve Concentration 

Reading a book requires all of your attention. The great thing about books is that they are interesting and keep you focused and wanting to read more. That will increase your overall focus and you will be reading books with over a 1000 pages in no time. 

Expand your vocabulary

While reading a book, you will come across many words that you have never seen before. And a lot of them will make you search up their meaning. And even if you don’t look up the words, you can use the sentence to figure out what it may mean. 

May Help You Live Longer

Studies show that people who read lived up to 2 years longer than people who didn’t read. A long-term health and retirement study followed the lives of  3,635 adult participants for 12 years and discovered that people who read lived about two years longer than people that didn’t read or red magazine or other media. 

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Improves Sleeping Pattern

An interesting benefit of reading is that it improves your sleep. By constantly reading, you create a routine that tells your body when it is time to sleep. It also helps that you don’t have a bright screen staring back at you. If you are reading on an eBook, make sure it is not too bright. 

Increases your General Knowledge

The more you read, the more you will learn. Whether its a nonfiction or fiction book, you will learn many new things. Even fiction novels use real life information to make the novel feel as realistic as possible. You will be learning more about the world around you when you pick up a book.

Motivate Yourself by Reading

When you read a book, you will feel like wanting to change the world. Not all of us can but we can take small steps or even do something like taking a boxing class because of a novel. Feel inspired and see how your mood changes and makes you take on challenges and change yourself for the better 

Reduces Stress and Alleviate Depression

Research has shown reading to decrease stress and alleviate depression. So if you want to break out of a slump, transport yourself to another world and escape your problems for a few hours. Books are a great distraction and let you focus on problems that aren’t your own.


People that read novels are much better at empathizing. We live hundreds of lives by reading books and are able to literally put ourselves in other people’s shoes. Understanding the struggle of another person that has a different experience than ours break us out of our self-centered way. 

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As you can see, there are many benefits to reading. If you believe that there isn’t enough time in the day to read, then that will become a reality for you. To become an avid reader, you have to commit to reading. And the benefits of reading will make you appreciate books as well as the infinite stories the pages within them contain.

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