Pressure by Eric Canori Book Review

Here are my thoughts about my recent read from my bookshelf! Pressure, a memoir weaved by debut author Eric Canori.

Pressure by Eric Canori Book Review
Pressure by Eric Canori Book Review

Book Summary

The timeline of the story commences with the late childhood of the author. He innocently shares about his traumatic life struggles, drug and dealership business, addiction, betrayal, and all the evil aspects of the drug world. He unwittingly narrated how he successfully built a multi-million dollar weed business and cleverly used $10 million in buried gold to free himself from jail. Pressure is full of hard-hitting truths about life’s reality.

It is an eye-opener for individuals looking for self-transformation. Many critics have praised Canori’s raw truth-telling. Pressure has received positive reviews from readers around the globe. Overall, “Pressure” is a deeply personal and compelling memoir that offers a unique perspective on the challenges of self-transforming individuals.


This book details the author’s quest for real affection, love, money, sex, drugs, inner transformation, and self-acceptance. His ability to transition pain into success is incredible. In this book, not only does the author provide helpful tools that stimulate self-inquiry and reflection, but he also takes the reader’s hand and walks them through real-life instances step by step.

In his brilliant work, he imparts information, wisdom, and experience that may touch readers’ lives in a variety of ways. He tells the readers how positive affirmation of success through vision has helped him achieve success in his life.

His insightfulness on self-transformation by teaching readers to create reality through visions, and use our visions to control the thoughts, and to develop plans based on our thoughts, and wait with patience, persistence, faith after putting lot of hard work and believing in themselves to attain success is jaw-dropping.


I thoroughly enjoyed the book and I would recommend it to readers. I really believe that Canori’s life will resonate with a lot of people struggling with their bad life decisions, addiction etc. He is a living proof that it is never too late to make a change in your life.

It is the best motivation for thirsty minds looking for self-transformation. If you are looking for an inspirational and motivational story of self-made success, then you should definitely check out and read “Pressure” by Eric Canori.

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