Which Generation Reads the Most? 

Have you ever wondered which generation reads the most books? We have the answer to that question and the answer will surprise you!

Which Generation Reads the Most? 

Generation Z (5-25) is known to be on their phones a lot but ever since the pandemic, they have increased their reading time. But they still aren’t the generation that reads the most. 

The generation that reads the most is the millennials (26-40). Around 80 % have read a book in the past 12 months, more than any other generation according to data from Best By The Numbers. Coming in second place is baby boomers (56-75) with around 70 % having read a book in the past 12 months.

Which Generation Reads the Longest Per Day?

Now we will look at which generations reads the longest each day. The silent generation (76+) reads for an average of 35 minutes a day. With nine less minutes of reading, the baby boomers come in second with 25 minutes of reading per day. Gen X (41-55) cracks the top three with 10 minutes and millennials just miss out and come in fourth with 8 minutes of reading a day. 

Older generations read more according to data but how do people read their book: print books copy or ebook? Physical copies are the preferred choice as they were chosen by 65 % of Americans who read a book in the last year. Every generation preferred print books over ebooks and it wasn’t close. 

Which Generation Reads The Most
Which Generation Reads The Most graph

How Generations Find Their Next Book

How does each generation find a book to read? Just take a guess and chances are you will be right. Older generations turn to best-seller lists while Gen Z finds them on social media. With the emergences of TikTok, it is evident that the younger generation has embraced discovering new books on social media and have helped authors make it to the best-seller lists. That means that Gen Z is influencing what the older generations read. What a plot twist!

With the important stuff out of the way, we can focus on random tadbits like which generations visit the library the most and it is the younger generations. Gen Z prefers fantasy, young adult, and romance books while Gen X seems to have no preference. Baby boomers love thrillers and the silent generation enjoys mystery and suspense novels.


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7 thoughts on “Which Generation Reads the Most? 

  1. I-am-stan-ze-man says:

    I used an e-reader for several years but eventually went back to actuall books. E-readers aren’t quite the same, and they don’t smell like books.

    1. Ahaqir says:

      They do not. I find them more convenient but nothing beats an actual book

  2. Fathiyah says:

    I have always wondered which generation reads the most. Nice post. Thanks for sharing. 😀

  3. Cab says:

    This post helped me answer one of my assignment questions. Thanks Ahaquir!

  4. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe this study was based on how many people in each generation have read ‘a’ book (ONE book!) in a year. The generation that reads the most will be made up of individuals who read MULTIPLE books in a year. I probably read 2 or 3 every week (so at least 100 per year) and I don’t think I’m at all unusual.


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