Stephen King’s Net Worth

Stephen King is one of the most recognizable authors alive and you may have watched a movie adapted from a King novel and not even know it! With all the book sales and movie adaptions, King has made a lot of money which is why we will be looking at Stephen King’s net worth.

Stephen King’s Writing Career

King’s professional writing career started in 1967 when he sold his short story The Glass Floor to Startling Mystery. He continued to write short stories for a couple of years before Carrie was published. King almost didn’t write Carrie as he threw it away in the garbage can after writing just three pages. His wife told him to stick with it and helped him write it. 

The novel ended up being published in 1973 and later that year, New American Library bought the paperback rights for $400,000. That was split 50/50 between King and publishing house Doubleday. That solidified King as an important horror writer and the novel was turned into a classic movie in 1976. 

The 1970’s were a great year for King as he wrote iconic books like Salem’s Lot, The Strand, and the Shining. Around this time, King also was writing the Gunslinger series which was published in 5 installments in The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. 

Stephen King horror genre author
Author Stephen King’s Net Worth

Stephen King’s Net Worth

Throughout King’s career, he has sold over 350 million books and is known as the King of Horror. His successful career has made King a rich man as his net worth is north of $500 million according to Celebrity Net Worth. King donates about $4 million every year to various charities that he cares about. 

King has had a lot of movies adapted into successful movies such as It, Shawshank Redemption, The Shining, The Green Mile, and many more. His movies have made over $2 billion dollars and that number is still growing as more King novels are being adopted into books. His latest book Fairy Tale is also getting a movie adaption even though it came out very recently! 


Don’t expect King to slow down any time soon. He may be 75 but he is still releasing new books as well as having more books make it to the big screen. With over $500 million, King’s estate will be set for many generations to come. 

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