The Last Templar: Book Review

Growing up, I was drawn towards secret societies like the illuminati and Skull and Bones. The secrecy and the history of these organizations fascinated me and that is why I was drawn towards The Last Templar by Raymond Khoury. Keep reading to find out if this my book review below!

The Last Templar: Summary

The Last Templar book cover
The Last Templar by Raymond Khoury book review

As the city of Acre falls in 1291 A.D., and the Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem, it is up to the Knights Templar to preserve the small chest that gives them power and influence. But the ship that they were supposed to get away in crashes and is sinks. One knight survives long enough to hide a leather pouch and also sends the rest of the company to send an encoded letter to the head of the Templar.

Back in present day, four masked horsemen dressed up asTemplar Knights and attack the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The Treasures of the Vatican exhibit is supposed to open today and they have relics that belonged to Templar Knights centuries ago. The four knights start killing anyone in their path and make off with a unknown geared device.

Sean Reilly, an anti-terrorist specialist, and Tess have to dive deep into the world and history of the Templar Knights. The Knights Templar are ruthless and kill anyone in their way. Now, it is up to Sean and Tess to stop them before any more people get hurt.


What I loved about the novel was the air of mystery surrounding it. You are constantly wondering what happened. Khoury does a great job of drawing out our curiosity and adding a lot of violence and destruction to make it the stakes real.

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When discussing any novels that are centered around secret organizations, The Da Vinci Code will always be brought up. And rightfully so. Dan Brown’s novels made these secret organizations become mainstream. He elevated the niche topic and increased interest.

With that said, I actually read The Last Templar before I read Brown’s novels. But I did hear about Brown’s movies beforehand. It’s an interesting cycle but I definitely believe Raymond Khoury’s writing makes him the go-to author of this genre and he should be more recognized.

The Last Templar


If you are intrigued by secret organizations, then this novel is for you. The history, secrecy, and the dedication the Knights Templar have is to be feared whether in a novel or in real life.

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