Book Review: Angels and Demons

There are a lot of books about the illuminati and secret organizations out there. Yet, Dan Brown and his novels have taken the throne and are the first books many people think about when talking about secret organizations. That’s why we will be reviewing Angels and Demons today.

Robert Langdon is an expert on the illuminati and that is why he is sought out by CERN director Maximilian Kohler. One of the facility’s top physicists has been killed and has the word ‘Illuminati” branded on his chest. The Illuminati have allegedly stolen a canister which contains antimatter, a substance that is almost as powerful as a nuclear weapon.

Langdon has 24 hours to find where the antimatter is before it explodes. It is located somewhere in Vatican City and will explore and wipe out the Vatican at midnight if not found. In order to find its whereabouts, Langdon must team up with Vittoria and find clues that will lead them to the illuminati and the antimatter before time runs out.

If you end up buying a physical copy of the book, then you can see the amazing anagram that is also the title of the book. Yes, Angels and Demons will be read from any angle no matter how you hold the book. The novel made anagrams popular and is credited with making them public and mainstream. Even more impressive considering this was done before social media.

Like many people, I heard about Angels and Demons a lot and knew I had to read it and it’s sequel The Da Vinci Code and I was glad I did. The novel is great writing and the plot twists are never-ending.

Dan Brown is one of the better mystery novels around. If you have not read a novel by him, then you should and starting with Angeles and Demon is a good place. It is the first book in the Robert, Langdon series and there are many novels in the series. I really enjoyed this book and recommend to fans of mystery novels.

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