The Best Books Lists of 2022

With 2022 coming to an end, the end of year book lists came in droves. It seemed like every organization had their own best books of 2022 list. And we covered most of them here. Well, the major ones anyway. We compiled a list of the best books lists of 2022 so you can check them out from one page!

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The Best Books Lists of 2022

The Best Books Lists of 2022

  1. USA TODAY’s Best Books of 2022
  2. Goodreads Best Books of 2022 (Decided by Users)
  3. Time’s Best Books of 2022
  4. Vulture’s Best Books of 2022
  5. Buzzfeed’s Best Books of 2022
  6. The New York Times 100 Best Books of 2022
  7. Slate Best Books of 2022
  8. New York Public Library’s Best Books of 2022
  9. NPR Best Books of 2022
  10. Amazon’s Best Books of 2022

A Lot of Books to Choose From

If you love books, then you know how hard it is to discover new books. End of year book lists make it a bit easier as they gather the best books of the year. They are hand-picked by critics who have read them. That doesn’t guarantee that you will enjoy them but it is better than having no insight.

We covered so many lists that it only felt right to make one page for them so you can easily choose one (or more) that you believe is best for you. From Goodreads to The New York Times, there are over a 1000 books listed (many of them appear multiple times) so you will find some books to add to your reading list.


I enjoyed reading each list and did not expect to read so many lists. Every day, another one was posted and many of the book were foreign to me. I have some books that I plan to read from these lists but once I get to those, I will be revisiting this page to find my next read! That might be a while as I haven’t gotten around to the books from the past couple of years! Until next time, happy reading

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