Bernie Sanders Plans to Release a Book that Outlines His Vision for a “Political Revolution”

Former president candidate Bernie Sanders is set to publish a book that outlines his vision for a political revolution.

The book it titled It’s OK to Be Angry About Capitalism and is going to be published by Penguin Random House in early 2023. According to the publisher, the book will take a look at what happens if “we would finally recognize that economic rights are human rights, and work to create a society that provides them”.

Bernie Sanders’ Book to Address A Broken System

Bernie Sanders has run on these issues and was unable to secure the Democratic nomination for the party. This book will give us a look at what could have happened had Sanders been elected and some of his policies enacted.

Senator Bernie Sanders
Bernie Sanders to release a new book

The publishing director, Thomas Penn, said that the book was a “scorching denunciation of a system that is manifestly failing the vast majority of people along with the planet itself”.

“But there is another way,” he added. “If we are prepared to call out uber-capitalism for what it is, together we can bring about transformational change. “Humane, clear-eyed and – yes – angry, this is a vital book for our times and for our future. We are thrilled to be publishing it.”

“Vital for our Times”

I don’t know about “vital for our times” because others have been pointing these shortcomings out for years. Sanders has used his platform to give a larger voice to these issues but that hasn’t led to any major changes.

There are editorial contributions from John Nichols, a progress author and journalist who works as a national affairs correspondent for the Nation magazine. Having an expert in Sanders book is great and should give credibility to Sander’s writing.


While I like the idea of the book, I do not think it was necessary. Sanders is not an expert and Nichols’ need to be added to the book shows that Sanders is not an expert in these issues. While I am a Sanders fan, I feel like this book is going to be his just like his speeches.

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