Exclusive Content: Would You Be Interested?

I am debating about creating exclusive content on this blog but only if there is interest and support for it. In the following paragraphs, I will break down what it would entail, how often it would be posted, and what it means for the website going forward.

Exclusive Content

What does exclusive content entail?

Exclusive content would entail a much more freer and conversational type of blog post. In it, I would discuss stuff like what I am reading, what I think about it, and small anecdotes that I think are relevant to the book. Other stuff would include posts such as what I am watching, short stories, and commentary and stats about the blog itself.

There are a lot of stuff I would love to share about running this blog but I cannot because of how the blog is structured. It is more newsworthy in style and that is my vision for it but it prevents me from sharing stuff like how the blog is doing and etc. With so much content being produced recently, I have to pick carefully what I write about. An exclusive content section would let me focus on the other stuff and not worry about it getting views.

How Often Would Exclusive Content be Posted?

I would post exclusive content five days a week minimum. It would be once a day.

What Does this Mean for the Website?

The website will be running as usual. This is more so for the people that want to read about other stuff besides mostly news related stuff.

How much will it cost ?

I will be putting the price at $1 so it is reasonable and doesn’t hurt anyone’s pockets. While I would love it to be free, I have to prioritize important content and can only do this if it is something that pays for itself. The main goal of this website to become a news website for books as well as help people find their next book read.


Let me know if this is something you would like to see in the comments below. If I get enough feedback, I will run a trial one for tomorrow and see how it goes. Happy reading!

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