Shadow and Bone Season Two Sneak Peak Trailer Released

The second season of Shadow and Bone has been announced and a sneak peak trailer has been released by Netflix to go along with the announcement.

New Characters in Shadow and Bone Season Two

Shadow and Bone Season two sneak peak trailer

Fans of the show and the books will be excited to note the two new characters shown in the trailer. Wylan and Ravkan prince Nikolai Lanstov both make an appearance in the pre-trailer. They both play an important role in the Grishaverse and knowing that they will be introduced in the second season means the overall plot of the show is progressing well.

Two other characters that may not be as big as the former two are mercenaries and siblings Tamar and Tolya. The casting for season one was great and I can’t wait to see how the new actors do. Netlix has done a great job with the show so far and while it may not be as big as some of its other shows, it is being treated with care by Netflix.

Siege and Storm

Siege and Storm book cover
Siege and Storm by Leigh Bardugo

The second season of the show will be based off the novel Siege and Storm. Expect the show to incorporate scenes and plots from other books in the Grishaverse to fill the time as well as to make the characters come to life. Season one combined two books and added scenes that didn’t exist in any novel. And it worked out well for the most part.


Have you seen the first season of Shadow and Bone or read the books? If so, are you excited for the second season? I know I am. Season one was decent and showed potential for a great show and I am excited to see whether they can make the transition this upcoming season. 

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