Everyone Brave is Forgiven: Book Review

The World War II era has been widely written about in novels and has lead to a lot of amazing novels. Chris Cleave takes a different approach that captures emotions that often get neglected in his novel Everyone Brave is Forgiven. Find out why this novel has been trending all over Bookstagram and Booktok!

Everyone Brave is Forgiven Summary

The novel follows three individuals named Mary, Tom, and Alastair during World War II in London. Their fates are connected and yet they leave a mark that time itself cannot erase.

Everyone Brave is Forgiven novel
Everyone Brave is Forgiven by Chris Cleave summary

Mary is young and well regarded and everyone is shocked when she volunteers to be a teacher in 1939 during the war. She ends up being assigned to a classroom in the countryside to neglected children because of discrimination. 

Tom is an educational administrator and an art restorer. His best friend Alastair enlists and leaves Tom feeling down. The war has brought the battle home to London and envelops everyone. But everything changes for Tom when he meets Mary and try to make something while being surrounded by chaos. 

Things get complicated for all three when Mary and Alastair meet and a love triangle blossoms. Cleave paints a picture of a bombarded London and everyone is entangled in the web of destiny. 


Everyone Brave is Forgiven is going to make you forget wherever you are and take you to 1939 London. And it will leave you in heartache. Cleave tells a beautiful tale of love and hate and how cruel and painful the war was. And how racism was strong and alive while the war was brought to the city of London.

Everyone Brave is Forgiven paperback edition

This is one of those novels you have to read if you enjoy stories about World War II or about being extraordinary in unprecedented times. The characters in the novel are deep and hard not to fall in love with


Be warned if you do pick up this novel, you will be crying by the end of it. But it is worth it because not many novels are as good as this one. Cleave wrote a brilliant novel that deserves the recognition is has gotten so far. Make sure to check it out if you are going to pick up a novel that takes place during World War II.

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