Olivia Munn’s Favorite Books

Olivia Munn is an actress and a former TV Host that has worked in dozens of movies and shows. When she isn’t reading, Munn has her nose in a book and which is why we will be looking at Olivia Munn’s favorite books today!

You may know Munn from the drama series The Newsroom, a coresspondant at the The Daily Show with Jon Stewart or from the science fiction film The Predator. She is able to do many different projects and never ceases to amaze us with all of her ambitious projects. Here are her favorite books!

Actress Olivia Munn's favorite books to read
Olivia Munn’s favorite books

Olivia Munn’s Favorite Books

  1. Catch and Kill by Ronan Farrow
  2. Know My Name by Chanel Miller
  3. Replay by Ken Grimwood
  4. Dear Girls by Ali Wong
  5. The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington
  6. This Is Not a T-Shirt by Bobby Hundreds
  7. Brave by Rose McGowan
  8. Where The Light Gets In by Kim Williams-Paisley

Olivia Munn’s Unique List

This is the second time I have come across a list where I haven’t heard or read any of the books on the list. Munn has little to mainstream books which is hard to do in today’s age. The real question is who does she find her books?

One novel that is dear to Munn’s heart is Replay by Ken Grimwood. You can read Munn’s own commentary on the novel.

“My favorite book is Replay, by Ken Grimwood, about a man who replays his life and the decisions he’s made over and over,” said Munn. “The takeaway for me was that no matter what life you’ve led or the choices you’ve made, there will always be great love and great sadness—you can’t escape those two things. I think that’s a great lesson.”

Olivia Munn


I am curious about the novels on this list and will be checking some of them out in the future. One reason I like curating these lists is to discover new novels and the other reason is out of curiousity. Who doesn’t want to know what their favorite celebrities are reading?

What do you think of Munn’s favorite book list? I love that these are books most people have not come across. Munn has found some gems and that is the best feeling as a bookworm! 

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