Amazon Removes Feature To Buy From Anroid App

Amazon has removed the option to buy books or pay for Kindle Unlimited subscriptions on the Android, according to an email it sent to customers. Customers will have to purchase on the web browser and then access the books through their application’s digital library.

Amazon Avoids Transaction Fees

The company said that the change is necessary to “”to remain in compliance with updated Google Play Store policies,” in an email exchange with CNET.

The reason for this change is because of Google’s policy that requires apps that use the Google Pay billing feature to charge customers for “in-app features and services.” In order to avoid paying the fee, Amazon is circumventing the process and having customers pay on a web browser.

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While this may make it a hassle for some people to buy books via Kindle, it is nothing new. Many companies agree with Amazon and don’t want to pay Google or Apple a percentage of their profits.

It Costs to Play

Google takes a 15% of the transaction in the Google Play Store which was 30% in January. Any app that doesn’t comply by June 1st will be removed from the Google Play Store. When you try to purchase through the Kindle app, a message pops up saying that in-app purchases and rentals aren’t available. Instead, a link shows you how to buy on a web browser.

Expect more companies to follow this formula. Google and Apple want a pay for any purchase done by any app that is listed in their store. Apple has seen lawsuits emerge as a result and that may also be the case with Google.

What Do You Make of It?

What do you make of this change by Amazon? It is definitely cheaper than a lawsuit and finds a legal way of avoiding to pay Google. Should companies like Apple and Google have the authority to charge a transaction fee if the companies are listed in their app stores?

2 thoughts on “Amazon Removes Feature To Buy From Anroid App

  1. Daily Poetry says:

    They shouldn’t ask such a fee. It’s a nuisance to buy via your web browser instead of in the Kindle app. But I do understand Amazon, if they are seeing their profits skimmed they had to do something.

  2. I-am-stan-ze-man says:

    The Google play store is a free feature as is android. Google needs a way to make money if they are going to go through all of the effort to make and update the play store. It is their business and their choice.


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