Books and Bridges

Books are like bridges in that they bring a lot of people together. When you find someone that read the same book as you, you instantly want to talk to them and find out what they thought about the book. We are curious as to why they chose that book and what that says about them and us.


You don’t have to read the same book as someone to talk to them about a book either. If it is a book that we have never come across before, we want to know what the person thought about it and whether or not if they liked it. In today’s age, there are thousands of people recommending books each day. But a personal connection like a one-on-one conversation still goes a long way no matter what era we are in.

Great books bring people together and fan fiction has proven that a novel is never truly over. Communities are being formed about novels and lead to creative outlets such as fan-fiction or just plain old what-if conversations. But bad books can also bring people together.

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When a novel is truly bad, the masses convene and meme it like no tomorrow. A bond forms over hatred (the only hatred bond that is ok) and that novel or author will be the butt of the joke until the end of days. We go to these lengths because we value great writing highly and do not appreciate it being mocked.

More times then not, it is usually over wonderful novels that we have elaborate discussions. These conversations were only had because of the bridges formed by the pages of books.

Bridges can be burned and that is true in the literary world too. With books being banned at a rapid rate all over the country, children and teens are losing potential bridges before they even form. Yet, even that creates more bridges for people who are coming together to prevent this from taking place.

Ongoing Battle

That battle is ongoing but even then, you can’t silence a book by banning it. That just makes the book shine brighter, bringing more attention to it then before. We will make sure the book is heard and will try to save the potential bridge so that one day, it connects two strangers over a cup of tea.

8 thoughts on “Books and Bridges

  1. Sunra Rainz says:

    You make so many good points, how both good and bad books can bond people. Such a thoughtful post. I enjoyed reading this πŸ™‚

  2. Loki says:

    I love when I find someone has read the same book as me, or has a book to recommend. Especially if they have a really different viewpoint than I did – it’s interesting how different people will interpret the exact same story and characters.

  3. robertcday says:

    You’re really into book, Ahaqir. Do you, perchance, work in the publishing industry? πŸ™‚


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