A Dream I Remember Prompt

Today’s daily prompt is “Write About a Dream You Remember.”

A common dream I have is being back in school and working on an assignment that is due very soon. I usually am back in my high school and sometimes my junior high school in these dreams. In college, you aren’t in school for the place to leave a permanent footprint in your memory in my opinion.

These daily-prompts keep getting deeper and deeper. I have to reminisce and I find this challenge fun. Some other dreams I have read like thriller novels and if I ever become a writer, I would just write those dreams down.

Do you remember a dream vividly?

3 thoughts on “A Dream I Remember Prompt

  1. aparna12 says:

    Wow. Very interesting. I love reading about dreams. They are fascinating. Most of my dreams are about traveling either by train Or by airplane.

  2. historybeststory says:

    Great blog. Very professional. I’ll be reading it. And… it’s not to my liking at all but I often dream about school agh, get out of my brain already! : )


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