Book Review: The Name of the Wind

Too often we see a novel about a overpowered wizard. That concept is not interesting anymore. But The Name of the Wind flips the script and shows is how to get the reader invested in a strong protoganost. By telling us the wizard’s story from a first person narrative.

The Name of the Wind: Summary

The name of the Wind
The Name of the Wind book cover

Patrick Rothfuss tells us the story of Kvothe, one of the most infamous wizards in the world of Temerant. We hear of Kvothe’s childhood traveling with his family and other performers to perform all over Temerant. On one of the journeys, Kvothe and the troupe meet an arcanist named Abenthy. Kvothe takes an immediate liking to him and studies magic under him.

Some time and a tragedy later, Kvothe finds himself alone in an unknown territory and must do everything he can to survive. This new life is something Kvothe must learn fast or suffer the consequences. Kvoth does make new acquintences and decides to pursue an old dream.

We find Kvothe at the university for magic. Somehow he has made it here and now he must pass the entrance exam and pay his way through the university. With new friends and his talents, Kvothe tries to juggle his new life while confronting life threatening situations.


The novel stands out because of its wonderful storytelling. Rothfuss draws us in to this captivating fantasy world. But that magic doesn’t last too long. It is a long read and the pacing is slow. Imagine a roller coaster ride where the roller coaster goes straight for too long.

That doesn’t mean the novel isn’t good. I enjoyed the story a lot. The problem was that I was not too invested. Kvothe is recalling all of this and that takes away from the element of surprise. And it reads more like a biography than an adventure novel.

Still, The Name of the Wind has a lot of fresh ideas that are worth coming across. It wasn’t my cup of tea but it might be yours. So I won’t be reading the rest of the trilogy.

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