Book Review: World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War

We have all heard the saying ‘too much of anything is bad” but that depends. Just because there are a lot of zombie books doesn’t mean the next one will be bad. Some like World War Z take a different approach and leave us wondering why nobody else thought to do this?

World War Z: Summary

When you open your book to read World War Z by Max Brooks, you will be surprised to find out it doesn’t read like most novels. Instead of a typical zombie thriller, you get a memoir of humanity. The protagonist is a journalist and he goes around the world interviewing people trying to find out the full story yet also capturing their suffering among other things.

By formatting it as a bunch of interviews, we get an interesting look at how the zombie epidemic happened and a lot of other events that followed. Brooks shows us a realistic look at the world and how divided we are. There is a lot of mistrust between countries and that will lead to avoidable mistakes.


Growing up, I was obsessed with zombies and zombie apocalypses. And to this day, I still like reading zombie novels and seeing where the genre is now. World War Z was a great addition and I do recommend it even with its different approach. You will still be invested in the book and wonder how similar the actions would be in a real-life scenario.

As you probably noticed, I really enjoyed the book and definitely recommend it. I will be adding more reviews for zombie-related books since I realized I have read a bunch and yet haven’t reviewed many. 

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