Target Takes Down Shane Dawson’s Books

Giant retail store Target has removed Youtuber Shane Dawson’s books from its stores and website.

Dawson received backlash earlier this week for previously making Youtube videos with blackface and making inappropriate comments and jokes. The Youtube star posted a video on the platform and apologized for his behavior on June 26th.

We’re committed to creating an experience in which all guests feel welcomed and respected. We’re in the process of removing these books from our assortment.

Target spokesperson

Target issued out the above respond to Fox Business when asked about the move. I think it is a great move by Target but it would have never happened unless the backlash didn’t start trending on Twitter. There are numerous books that are problematic and Target has to do a great job of not selling them before the public points out these things.

However, Target did take a positive step so it is a small step towards the right direction.

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