7 best soccer pandemic books

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on the world of soccer, disrupting leagues, tournaments, and the lives of players, coaches, and fans alike. We still talk about it, but it almost looks like the world of soccer has moved on and the sport is not just soccer fairytales for toddlers. You can see it at the stadiums, with the World Cup being historic for multiple reasons, including the post-pandemic policies being implemented for its qualifiers and at it. Also, the youth soccer clubs are getting an unprecedented amount of interest. Finally, the money spent on transfers this summer is beating the pre-pandemic spending of the largest clubs in the world. Nevertheless, Covid-19 is so important that one day the best soccer biographies will all include references to the pandemic as an important period in the lives of the players, coaches, and fans.

What are the best soccer pandemic books?

Covid-19 Told Through Football

Best Book Overall

Football in a Pandemic

Best Book for Coaches

Arsenal: The Corona Diaries

Best Book for Fans

The creativity sparked during the pandemic, after the initial chaos and global fear. Many people that always wanted to write their stories and memoirs finally got the time and lack of excuse not to do that. Fortunately, some interesting takes were written on the exact pandemic on the lives of the soccer people. Ranked in order of creativity and quality of writing, here is our take on the best soccer books with the topic of the Covid-19 impact.

Covid-19 Told Through Football by Julian Ceron Madrigal

A truly original book by a biomedical scientist and a soccer fanatic. It is a captivating and unique book that presents a compelling narrative of the global pandemic through the lens of football. It explores how the COVID-19 crisis has impacted the world of football in profound ways. The book has tons of scientific information, but it is all packaged in a highly digestible format. If you were looking for an original book, this is it!

Football in a Pandemic: An Insight into Premier League Tactics and Strategies Utilized During the 2020/21 Season by Sam Hudson

This one is for true soccer fans, and maybe some people interested in psychology. It focuses solely on tactics and strategies, exploring how teams adapted their playing styles and formations to overcome the absence of fans, congested schedules, and other pandemic-related disruptions. This book is a valuable resource for football enthusiasts, coaches, and analysts seeking a comprehensive examination of the tactical landscape in a season profoundly affected by the pandemic.

Arsenal: The Corona Diaries: Over Land and Sea (And Lockdown) by Darren Berry

Arsenal is going through some sort of internal revolution since Arsene Wenger left the club after over 2 years. Fans were so angry at the owners that the club had to do PR work to make peace, such as the Amazon Prime documentary for behind-the-scenes content. This book is authentic, written as a diary without any edits, showing an interesting view of what it is like to be a fan during the pandemic, especially during a less-than-ideal season. If you are an Arsenal fan or just want a fun book to read, this is a great option.

Can We Have Our Football Back Yet?: What Covid-19 has taught us about the Premier League… by John Nicholson

“Can We Have Our Football Back Yet?: What Covid-19 has taught us about the Premier League…” is a sequel in a way to the best-seller “Can We Have Our Football Back Yet?”, published right before the pandemic. Both Covid and the Super League announcement were huge events for the soccer world, especially the Premier League. The author, John Nicholson, is a seasoned writer of novels, non-fiction, and media outlets for decades. His meticulous analysis and astute observations have exposed the strengths and weaknesses of the league, shedding light on issues such as player welfare, financial disparities, and the role of fans in the game. A well-written book, full of arguments that both soccer and non-soccer readers will enjoy.

COVID-19 and the Soccer World by Kausik Bandyopadhyay

As part of the “Sport in the Global Society – Contemporary Perspectives” series, this book offers a multidimensional analysis of the pandemic’s effects, ranging from the suspension of leagues and tournaments to the financial ramifications for clubs and players. The book is a compilation of scholarly essays published in “Soccer & Society” and provides a valuable resource for academics, researchers, and soccer enthusiasts interested in examining the intersection of sports, society, and global crises.

Economics of Soccer and Covid-19: All about the Numbers by Arnav Jain

Somewhat of a CliffsNotes compilation of the books above, this book is written with a focus on numbers and data. The book explores how the global health crisis has significantly impacted various aspects of the soccer industry, including matchday revenue, player transfers, broadcasting rights, and fan engagement. The author is a high school student and a passionate fan of the sport. We are looking forward to seeing more books from him in the years to come. It is a great read for soccer enthusiasts, economists, and anyone interested in understanding the financial dimensions of the sport amidst the pandemic.


The 7 best soccer pandemic books discussed here offer valuable insights into the impact of COVID-19 on the sport. From tactics to finances and societal implications, these books provide comprehensive narratives showcasing soccer’s resilience during challenging times. As soccer continues to overcome the pandemic’s challenges, these books serve as reminders of the game’s enduring power. So, grab a copy and explore the fascinating stories and lessons they provide.

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