The 15 Best Places to Read Books for Free

Do you love books but think that owning them all can be expensive? Have you considered finding places where you can read books for free? Reading books is an amazing way to educate yourself and expand your knowledge. 

In today’s blog post, we’ll look at the best possible options for reading books for free. Whether you are after digital copies or physical ones, we have something for everyone on this list!

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The best places to read books online for free!

The 15 Best Places to Read Books for Free

The most obvious place to start is your local public library. Libraries are home to millions of books from all genres; best of all, you can borrow them for free! Most libraries also have a variety of digital books that you can download to your device, so you can take them with you wherever you go.

 1. BookBub:

Bookbub is a great website for finding free and discounted books. It’s easy to use, and you can find many books from different genres. You’ll need to create an account to access the books, but it’s worth it!

 2.  Project Gutenberg:

At Project Gutenberg, you can find over 60,000 free ebooks available to download or read online. The books are mostly in the public domain, so you don’t need to worry about copyright issues.

3. World Public Library:

The World Public Library has a huge selection of books available to read for free. You can access their digital library with an annual membership fee, but many books are also free.

4. Riveted:

Riveted, a young adult fiction website, offers a great selection of free books. You can find the latest releases and popular titles from the past few years.

5. Radish

Radish is an app with a large selection of books that you can read for free. The app works on iOS and Android devices, so you can take your favorite books wherever you go.

6. International Children’s Digital Library:

The International Children’s Digital Library has an amazing selection of books for young readers. You can find stories, educational books, and even comics that are all available for free.

7. Smashwords

The Smashwords website is great for free books from independent authors. You can search for specific genres or browse through the entire selection.

8. Tor:

Science fiction and fantasy lovers should check out, which has an extensive selection of free ebooks from the genres.


A library card from your local library can give you access to OverDrive, which has an amazing selection of digital books that you can borrow for free.

10. Wattpad:

Wattpad is an inviting community of 65 million users who love books! Amateur and professional writers worldwide publish their short stories and full-length novels on the platform. 

There’s also a community feature where you can interact with your favorite authors, enter writing contests, and more.

11. Swoon Reads:

Swoon Reads is dedicated to finding undiscovered writing talent, and that mission proves a boon for book lovers. Create a free account and have access to hundreds of free, unpublished books.

 You can vote for your favorites, giving the authors a big boost. Highly rated books have a chance at a book deal from Macmillan Publishers! Young adult and new adult books in a wide range of genres are available, and there’s a community forum where you can meet other bibliophiles and share book recommendations.

12. Open Library:

A project of the Internet Archive, Open Library offers more than 1.7 million eBooks available for free download in various formats. In addition, you can borrow digital copies of public domain titles from affiliated libraries worldwide!

13. ManyBooks:

Another great resource for free eBooks is ManyBooks. On their website, you can find popular titles from over 30 categories and read them on the spot.

14. LibriVox:

LibriVox is an audiobook platform featuring thousands of titles that volunteers from all over the world have read. You can download or stream these audiobooks for free, even though you won’t find any of the latest releases. But this is an amazing resource for those who prefer a book read aloud to them.


BookRix allows readers to download free ebooks onto their iPads, tablets, eReaders, and smartphones. The site offers books from self-published authors and books that are part of the public domain.

 The homepage categorized books into fiction, fantasy, romance, thrillers, and young adult and children’s books, so you can easily find a new book.


What is the best site to read books for free?

The best site to read books for free is OverDrive, which has an amazing selection of digital books you can borrow with a library card. Other great options include LibriVox, Smashwords, Wattpad, and Radish.

Where can I read books pdf for free?

There are many great sites where you can read PDF books for free, such as Open Library, ManyBooks, and BookRix. You can also find free pdf books from independent authors on

What app can I read all books for free?

No single app will allow you to read all books for free. However, many apps, such as Kindle and OverDrive, will allow you to read a wide selection of books for free. You can also find free books on websites such as Smashwords and Wattpad.

Where can I read books for free on Google?

Google Books allows you to read books for free on their platform. You can read full-text versions of books in the public domain or made available through a Creative Commons license. You can also find free books from independent authors and publishers on Google Play Books.


Reading books is a great way to educate yourself and expand your knowledge. With the options presented in this blog post, you can now read as many books as you want without worrying about spending money on them. Whether you are after digital copies or physical ones, there is something for everyone.

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