George R.R. Martin Says He Has About 500 Pages of The Winds of Winter Left to Write

Author George R.R. Martin says that he only has around 500 pages of The Winds of Winter left to write before he is done.

While on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Martin was interviewed by an animated Dr. Ike Bloom and is roasted by fellow author James Paterson.

Martin Says That He Has “another 400, 500 pages” to go.

Martin is introduced to Paterson as a “struggling writer – let me revise that, truly pathetic – who is having trouble meeting deadlines.” “It was eleven years ago,” Martin answers back. We know. And it will probably be 12 or even 13 before we see The sixth book in A Song of Ice and Fire series. At least Martin can laugh at it. It would make more sense if the book was out or completed.

George R.R. Martin author Game of Thrones The Winds of Winter
George R.R. Martin says that The Winds of Winter has 400-500mpages to go.

Paterson then asks Martin how much he has written in the last 11 years and martin answers that he has written around 1100 to 1200 pages and has “another 400, 500 pages” to go.

Paterson published books at a really fast rate and the joke is based on that fact. Martin on the other hand, is infamous for his decade plus pushback of the novel. Writer’s block is something many authors run into and Martin is no different. It is better for Martin to give us the books as he envisioned them and not a rushed ending like HBO’s final season of Game of Thrones.


As fans of the series, we want to read what happens next and waiting this long is frustrating. Martin has worked on other projects over the years and is responsible for some of the best television shows of the past decade.

Seeing Martin in good spirits is great and let’s hope he can crank out, I mean carefully craft out The Winds of Winter. And then, the wait for the next book in the series begins anew!

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4 thoughts on “George R.R. Martin Says He Has About 500 Pages of The Winds of Winter Left to Write

  1. Gemma says:

    You know I always say I’ll believe it when I have it in my hands but for the first time in a while he sounds kind of good about it and maybe I will actually have it in my hands in the next year or two!

    1. Ahaqir says:

      Yea, agree with that statement. His updates aren’t very reassuring at this point

      1. Stigmadiabolicum says:

        Haha i loved asoaif for decades, since like 2004 in high school..but i reread it so much and just gave up hope, winds? Maybe we’ll get it..but dream of spring? Never going to happen.
        Compared to GRRM, Sanderson has made like 8 INSANELY good books in the last decade, 4 stormlight books, way better than asoaif, mistborn era 2, he’s definitely the superior one haha.

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