Which Country Reads the Most Books?

Whether you are reading books for fun or to learn, it says a lot about a person. Just knowing that someone reads makes them appear smarter and more attractive. Which made us ask the question which country reads the most books?

According to a date from a chart published in 2016 by the UK newspaper, Independent, we will be able to answer that question. The data uses the number of hours a person spend reading for each country per week.

Which Country Reads the Most Books?

The country that reads the most books is India! They led every country on the map with an average of 10 hours and 42 minutes. That is a good average amount for a country as a whole. That is enough to finish a book and start a new one in the same week!

countries reading books
Which countries read the most chart

Coming in second was Thailand with 9 hours and 24 minutes and third was China with 8 hours per week. Averaging more than an hour per day is great and that should be the goal for all countries. This begs us the question Where did the United States rank?

Where does the U.S. Rank?

The U.S. ranked 42nd with 5 hours and 42 minutes of reading per week. That sounds accurate considering how often “I have people say I haven’t read a book since high school!” Disclosing that information that confidently should be a crime. 

This information is a little outdated and does not account for reading averages once the pandemic started. It is easy to guess that reading averages went up for most countries. I wouldn’t be surprised if the charts remained the same for the most part considering we all went through the pandemic. 

With things returning to normal somewhat, the reading trends should go back to as it was. It is always good to try to read an hour a day. That would easily crack the top 10 and help read more books as a result. 

Where Does Your Country Rank?

What did you make of the list? Did any country’s ranking surprise you? Where does your country rank on this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “Which Country Reads the Most Books?

  1. yakutar94 says:

    Wow that’s cool. I’m pleasantly surprised to know my country is leading in something nice. haha.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Feeling proud to know my country INDIA is at d top inreading bòks..

  3. Bmac says:

    China? Literally no one in China reads books. They just use Weibo.


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