Book Review: The Empire of Gold

It is up to Nahri and Ali to return to Daevabad and restore magic to all the djinns. If that wasn’t daunting enough, Nahri also has to stop her mother from destroying her second home and killing her people. She is not alone however and with Ali’s help, she must restore peace and finally end the vicious cycle of war and violence and and for all. … Read More >Book Review: The Empire of Gold

The City of Brass: Book Review

Nahri, a woman who cons people using fortune telling, is pursued by a monster that she summoned accidentally. This monster summons the undead and attempts to kill Nahri. Dara, a djinn warrior comes to her rescue and takes her on a journey to the city where she came from. Nahri wants to find out what happened to her family and who she is and has to trust Dara, a mysterious djinn, to escape the monsters pursuing her. … Read More >The City of Brass: Book Review