The Great Gatsby: Book Review

The 1920’s were a time of change and the prohibition. We mostly here about the gangsters that made a name for themselves but F. Scott Fitzgerald decides to capture the high-nobility life in The Great Gatsby and thus created one of the most extravagant classic novel of all time. Find out why this iconic novel is still a popular read today!

The Great Gatsby Summary

Nick Carraway is a Yale alumni and a World War I veteran and is looking to land a job as a bond salesman in New York City. He ends up renting a bungalow in Long Island which is next to Jay Gatsby’s affluent house. Gatsby is a multi-millionaire known for throwing lavash parties but never participates in them. 

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The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

After a couple of weeks, Nick is invited to a party at Gatsby’s mansion. At the party, Nick feels out of place as he doesn’t know anyone there. After finding his friend Jordan at the party, they chat for a but until Gatsby approaches them. He introduces himself and tells Nick they both serves in the same infantry division but Nick does not recall. 

Gatsby and Nick start to hang out more often after their first encounter. From Jordan, Nick learns that Gatsby and Daisy, Nick’s distant cousin, were a thing in the past. With his newfound wealth, Gatsby hopes to woe Daisy who has married since their last encounter. 

. Gatsby’s money has reunited him with his past lover but that is all. Daisy is married to Tom and is reluctant to leave him. With his newfound wealth and influence, Gatsby will do whatever it takes to win back Daisy’s love no matter the cost. 


A lot of The Great Gatsby is based on Fitzgerald’s own experiences from his youth. But the novel was not a success for the author while he lived. Fitzgerald died in 1940 and the novel saw a rise in readership during World War II when the Council on Books in Wartime gave American soldiers free copies. The newfound success had critics revisit the novel and deem it a great novel and it was inserted in the school curriculum.

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I am not a fan of authors not seeing the impact of their novels in their lifetime. The way books are deemed good or bad is horrible and many great novels fall through the cracks. The Great Gastby is a great novel and should have been critically acclaimed while Fitzgerald was alive because he died thinking he was a failure. 


Like most people, I came across the novel in school and became fascinated with the novel. How many authors can make you want to live in the 1920’s? He captured a lot of the magic of the times and is associated with that era. I enjoyed the novel a lot and recommend people to read it for fun and not for an assignment this time around.

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        Dude. Hire a proofreader.

  1. wendy waters says:

    Great review. It breaks my heart that Fitzgerald died believing himself a failure. There is now statue to him in his hometown and his novels have been recognized as Masterpieces.


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