The Bourne Supremacy: Book Review

Sometimes you have to wonder how a sequel will follow a book that had a good ending. Will the author force a plot or will it feel believable? Those are some things I wondered when diving into the second book in the Jason Bourne novels, the Bourne Supremacy by Robert Ludlum. Read our book review below!

The Bourne Supremacy: Summary

Five years have passed since David Webb aka Jason Bourne lost his memory and pursued Carlos the Jackal in France. Webb is retired now and living with his wife Marie but when a person going by the name of Bourne emerges is Asia killing people, Webb is asked to come back to hunt someone who is almost as good as the original Bourne.

The Bourne Supremacy book cover
The Bourne Supremacy book review

Like any rational person, Webb opts to not go back to his former life. But when his wife is kidnapped, Webb has to once again become Bourne and go to Asia to find his wife. Once again, Bourne is isolated and turns to his only friend to help him because Webb cannot trust anyone, not even his own government who wants to use him.

Webb has to now dive into the world of violence and mayhem in order to find out where his wife is while also pursuing the imposter Bourne. That means facing new threats in Hong Kong and trying to make sure he stays alive and hunting down the enemies no matter the cost.


Ludlum deserves a lot of credit for coming up with the angle of having another Jason Bourne. He knows that the name Jason Bourne has power in the world Ludlum created and comes up with a plot that would likely happen in a similar scenario.

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And yes, the second novel in the series was great and felt believable. Bourne is a legend and the best weapon and asset that the U.S government has. And that’s why they ask him to hunt someone pretending to be him. There are a lot of plot twists and a lot of action and it makes for a perfect second novel and I would definitely recommend it.

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