Book Review: Ender’s Game

The adults in the novel drive the children to extremes and force them to adapt to the school’s curriculum with little supervision. Ender tries to make friends and fit in but the adults believe that Ender needs to suffer to become the best commander possible. Their actions or lack of actions cause Ender to go into depression and feel isolated. Can Ender survive the battle school and I.F. or will they drive him insane? … Read More >Book Review: Ender’s Game

Book Series Review: His Dark Materials

Lyra’s friend Roger is kidnapped and she is adopted by Mrs Coulter, the leader of the Gobblers. Unbeknownst to Mrs Coutler, Lyra has an alethiometer, a truth-telling device that Lyra slowly learns how to use over time. Once Mrs Coutler is outed as the leader of the Gobblers, Lyra escapes and pursues the people who kidnapped Roger. … Read More >Book Series Review: His Dark Materials

Book Review: The Empire of Gold

It is up to Nahri and Ali to return to Daevabad and restore magic to all the djinns. If that wasn’t daunting enough, Nahri also has to stop her mother from destroying her second home and killing her people. She is not alone however and with Ali’s help, she must restore peace and finally end the vicious cycle of war and violence and and for all. … Read More >Book Review: The Empire of Gold

Book Review: The Lady of the Lake

We meet with Ciri as she has traveled to another world. We are taken to the aftermath of the events and are left figuring out what happened. That is even more true when the story is being told by Condwiramurs and Nimue. They are trying to figure out what is myth and what is actually true in the story of Ciri and Geralt. Like that characters, we slowly learn what happened even though we see the results after the events that took place with Ciri and Geralt. … Read More >Book Review: The Lady of the Lake

Book Review: The Tower of Swallows

We also follow Geralt of Rivia and crew in their search for Ciri. They keep searching for Ciri but get caught up in their own adventures and they end up in the middle of the battle. Geralt is starting to let others in and trust them and not doing what we expect him to do. He is becoming more and human as the trials and tribulations pile up. … Read More >Book Review: The Tower of Swallows