The Sea Wolf: Book Review

Humphrey van Wyeden is a literature critic who was on a ship that crashed. He is saved by a pirate ship and now has to work under Wolf Larsen (think of him as Neptune in the flesh) and we witness a lot of exchanging of ideas. Larsen is examined thoroughly and Humphreys learns a life that is very different from his own on the voyage. … Read More >The Sea Wolf: Book Review

Eye of the Elephant: Book Review

Biologists Delia and Mark Owens are interested in tigers and studying them. That is why they are in the middle of Africa trying to track them. Part of the reason is that they were banned from the previous country they were studying them and had to start again. They chose Zimbabwe because they have a lot of forest. The Owens come to realize that elephants are being poached at an alarming rate and will go extinct if nothing is done about it. … Read More >Eye of the Elephant: Book Review

Classic Books: Should You Read Them or Avoid Them?

This is a tricky topic because while you can label books as classics, they are all different. Different authors have different styles, different eras have different styles and etc. And who gets to decide what book is a classic or not? I am not a fan of the old writing style that many classic books have and that puts off many readers. Authors weren’t afforded the luxury that many are in today’s age where we encourage freedom and experimentation. … Read More >Classic Books: Should You Read Them or Avoid Them?

The Magicians: Book Review

The novel focuses on Quentin learning magic in college for four years and his journey to Fillory, a mythological place that has turned into a popular kids book. Quentin grew up sad and depressed because Fillory isn’t real and neither is magic. That changes on one eventful day when he mysteriously vanished from fifth avenue in Brooklyn to upstate New York and ends up taking an entrance exam for Brakesbill. … Read More >The Magicians: Book Review