Book Recommendations: June 2020

Book recommendations for the month of June! … Read More >Book Recommendations: June 2020

Book Review: Blade Runner: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Rich Deckard is a bounty hunter in a post apocalyptic San Francisco for the police department. He “retires” androids that impersonate humans on Earth. Language plays a big role in this book and Dick does a great job of showcasing how human being cope with certain things such as killing just by rephrasing it to retiring. Rick is assigned to identify and retire six androids that have escaped to Earth before they kill him. … Read More >Book Review: Blade Runner: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Book Review: Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood

Like many people, I have come across Noah’s comedy stand up videos and know how funny he is. He is a gifted story teller and the book showcases that even more. We hear about Noah’s insane childhood and he makes many of our childhood’s look mild in comparison. More than Noah just telling us, he shows us with detailed writing and that is amazing coming from someone who isn’t even a professional writer. … Read More >Book Review: Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood

Classic Books: Should You Read Them or Avoid Them?

This is a tricky topic because while you can label books as classics, they are all different. Different authors have different styles, different eras have different styles and etc. And who gets to decide what book is a classic or not? I am not a fan of the old writing style that many classic books have and that puts off many readers. Authors weren’t afforded the luxury that many are in today’s age where we encourage freedom and experimentation. … Read More >Classic Books: Should You Read Them or Avoid Them?

Book Review: The Godfather

The novel is about the Corleone family and the war between the Five Families that run the crime world in New York. Vito Corleone is shot and it leads to an all-out war in which Corleone’s two sons have to run the family business. Puzo does an amazing job creating characters that are polarizing and relatable. … Read More >Book Review: The Godfather

The Magicians: Book Review

The novel focuses on Quentin learning magic in college for four years and his journey to Fillory, a mythological place that has turned into a popular kids book. Quentin grew up sad and depressed because Fillory isn’t real and neither is magic. That changes on one eventful day when he mysteriously vanished from fifth avenue in Brooklyn to upstate New York and ends up taking an entrance exam for Brakesbill. … Read More >The Magicians: Book Review

Book Review: The City of Brass

Nahri, a woman who cons people using fortune telling, is pursued by a monster that she summoned accidentally. This monster summons the undead and attempts to kill Nahri. Dara, a djinn warrior comes to her rescue and takes her on a journey to the city where she came from. Nahri wants to find out what happened to her family and who she is and has to trust Dara, a mysterious djinn, to escape the monsters pursuing her. … Read More >Book Review: The City of Brass

Jaws: Book Summary

Jaws is about a great white shark that is killing beachgoers in the fictional town of Amity that its located in Long Island, New York. Families travel to Amity during the summer but the great white’s presence and the beach closing down may detract travelers so the mayor tries to keep the attacks quiet. Police chief Martin Brody has to find a way to stop the shark or Amity will cease to be. … Read More >Jaws: Book Summary