The Best Book Podcasts to Check Out 

One of the best ways to follow the best books out is by listening to podcasts. But there are millions of podcasts out there. Worry not as we have you covered with the best podcasts to check out. Keep reading to find which ones you should be listening to! 

Whether you want to find new books to read, learn new things about a book you liked, or just enjoy a conversation between podcasters, podcasts are the way to go. You can either listen to them while getting chores done or commuting or you can watch a video of the podcast! There are a lot of options and benefits and we got you covered! 

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The Best Book Podcasts to Check Out

7 Podcasts to Check Out 

  • NPR’s Book of the Day 
  • The Book Review by The New York Times 
  • Between the Covers 
  • Asian Review of Books 
  • Backlisted 
  • Fully Booked by Kisrkus Reviews 
  • The Stack by Comic Book Club 
  • Literary Friction 

7 Great Podcasts

Some of the best podcasts are run by organizations you love and trust. NPR and The New York Times both have podcasts relating to books. The New York Times podcast is usually about 45 minutes and the NPR one is about 15 minutes and is posted more often.  

Another great podcast is Asian Review of Books which covers books by Asian authors and books about Asia. Some other podcasts we included include Between the Covers, Backlisted Fully Booked by Kirkus Reviews, The Stack by Comic Book Club, and Literary Friction. 

You can go through these podcasts and find the ones that catch your eye (or ear). There are hundreds of books that you will come across because of these podcasts. So, if you want personalized book recommendations, this is a great way to find your next read! 

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