The 9 Books you Must Read in 2023 

There are millions of novels and unfortunately, you won’t be able to read even one percent of those. That is why choosing a book to read requires a lot of information. We listed 9 books that you must read in 2023! 

Like most people, we come across hundreds of books and add them to our to-read list. But we never get around to actually reading them. When we finally do read it, we ask ourselves why we waited so long to get around to read it.  

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9 Books that you must read in 2023!

Other times some books never get read. That is why we decided to make this list. These are 9 books that we love and believe that everyone should read. You can either read one, a few, or all of them. What we do know is that these books will leave you satisfied.  

The 9 Books you Must Read in 2023 

9 Amazing Books to Read 

Choosing books to read is difficult which is why we made it a bit easier. These are 9 books that are well written, have an amazing plot, and some are even regarded as classics. Sea of Tranquility and The Midnight Library are two books that were released in 2022 and are two of the standout novels that book lovers will enjoy. 

Other novels that made our list include older novels such as The Talented Mr. Ripley, Carrion Comfort, and Dune. While Dune is a well-known novel, it took me years to finally read it. It is one of the best science fiction novels ever written and worth giving a read to see how you feel about it. 


These are the 9 books that you must read in 2023. Like most people, you may have seen many of them on lists but haven’t gotten around to reading them. Trust us, you are missing out by not picking them up and opening the book! 

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7 thoughts on “The 9 Books you Must Read in 2023 

    1. Anonymous says:

      I’m this era, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand ought to be required reading for a new generation.

      1. Anonymous says:

        Please publish the price of each book also.


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  2. Kathy Levernier says:

    Fiona Davis has been writing Historical fiction-The Magnolia Palace, The Lion’s of Fifth Ave, The Masterpiece, The Chelsea Girls, The Dollhouse Address.. more-Viola Shipman has so many warm incredibly beautiful stories-The Secret of Snow, The Heirloom Garden, The Summer Cottage, The Charm Bracelet, A Wish For Winter.. every story like Fiona’s seems better than the one before. Fabulous writing draws you in, feeling part of it. Sane for Patti Callihan (Henry)- Once Upon a Wardrobe, Where The River Runs, Losing The Moon, The Perfect Love Song, Between The Tides.. so many more- Mary Kay Andrews-The Santa Suit, The High Tide Club, Christmas Bliss, the Fixer Upper, Savanah Breeze, Little Bitty lies, Hello Summer, Bright Lights Big many 300-500 page stories that are fun funny mysteries. Kristy Woodson Harvey – Christmas in Peachtree Bluf, The Wedding
    Veil,.. plus Terri Overton – Sabal Palms series her ‘Oddball Christmas’books. Nancy Coco’s mystery series written about Mackinac Island, Mi in a historic McMurphy hotel & Fudge shop run by 3rd generation Alllie McMurphy & Bichonpoo Marshmallow ‘ Mal’ who sniffs out corpses. Each writes such wonderfully filled out characters that you ‘know’ them ‘want’ to know them.Never want the books 📚 to end . You never pass their books up once you read them.
    I SCRIMP to purchase Print Books of all of these writer’s because they are such great reads. A real reader wants them-on-their book shelves to read again and Share.


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