10 Books to Read Before You Die!  

Many book lovers try to go through books that are labeled as must reads. But these lists can contain hundreds of books. We condensed these lists and created our own list of the 10 books to read before you die. Keep reading to find out which ten books made the list!  

Most of us got into reading and focused on certain types of books for a while. But after that, you realize that there are thousands of amazing books to be read. In today’s age, we can go on our phone and search. But there are just too many lists.  

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10 Books to Read Before You Die!  

That is why we made out own list that is short and gets to the point. These ten books are some of the most popular books that you must read. You will see them on countless lists and will want to know if they hype is read. And as someone who has gone through that phase, I can verify that most must read books live up, if not surpass, the hype. You can see the full list below!    

10 Books to Read Before You Die

Iconic Books That You Should Read

One of the most iconic novels on the list has to be 1984. It is unlike anything else and it predicated governments spying on its citizens decades ago. Sometimes you are paranoid and other times you are right to be paranoid. That can also apply to The Handmaid’s Tale to a certain extent. Why else is it one of the most censored books of all time?  

Other books that made the list include amazing novels that you see things you wouldn’t otherwise come to know. Books such as Beloved, The Book Thief, and The Color Purple remind us the power of books and why value reading and writing highly.  


That is all for our list of the ten must read books of all time. How many of these books have you read? What books should we include in our future list? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I have read all these books plus many others, it is still not ok to die yet!


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