The 20 Must Read Dystopian Novels of All Time

The dystopian genre is filled with hundreds of amazing books. But it isn’t easy to know which ones you should read. That is why we made this list of the 20 must read dystopian novels of all time. Keep reading to find out which books made the list!      

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The 20 Must Read Dystopian Novels of All Time

There are many great dystopian novels that won’t make this list unfortunately. This list should be the beginning of your journey in reading various dystopian novels. Numerous authors have tried their hands in this genre and many of them are authors that have done well. You can see the full list below!      

The 20 Must Read Dystopian Novels of All Time

Dystopian Novels That You Should Read

One of the most popular dystopian novels must be The Handmaid’s Tale. Some people may have read it in school while others read it for fun but either way, it is an impactful novel. Another classic dystopian novel that is up there is 1984. They both tackle serious issues and make us imagine the worst-case scenarios. 

The dystopian genre wasn’t always aimed towards younger readers. It tackled series issues like the world ending after World War II as people began to imagine the worst possible outcome. After seeing the nuclear bomb, you can’t really blame them.  

Some of my favorite books in this genre are books that haven’t gotten the love they deserve. Station Eleven is a modern classic and a novel that more people should read. The Iron Heel by Jack London is another great novel that was published over a century ago. It is credited as one of the first dystopian novels ever written.

Lois Lowry’s novel The Giver was a dystopian novel that was written for a younger audience. And that opened the floodgates and led to novels like The Hunger Games. It is hard to ignore the impact of The Hunger Games as that novel led to many dystopian novels releasing soon after. And while they didn’t capture the magic that Suzanne Collins had, they still made a name for themselves.  


That ends this list of the 20 best dystopian novels of all time. What did you think of the list? What novels should we have included? Let us know in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “The 20 Must Read Dystopian Novels of All Time

  1. Anonymous says:

    You mentioned like 5 titles and din’t even bother to give a synopsis or review of each, well done.

      1. Anonymous says:

        A Canticle for Leibowitz

        One of the best
        A blueprint for Climate Change

  2. Antje van der Linden says:

    Something is missing here. There is only mention of few novels. I was expecting a full list, as was promised in the title. Could you please republish this, as I would like to see the full list.

  3. Alan Murray says:

    This time the AI left you down. You asked it to generate a list but instead it generated an image of a bookcase with the title 20 Must read Dystopian novels. I guess that might actually be a form of dystopia. In the future you ask AI to give you a succinct history of literature and it will generate a monstrous hybrid image of Shakespeare, George Orwell and Donald Trump (the Art of the Deal).

  4. Samir Mokdad says:

    Missing in the list is Gibran Khalil Gibran book “The Prophet”.
    According to reliable sources “The Prophet ” is the most read book worldwide after the Bible and the Qur’an and translated into 22 languages.
    Stockholm – Sweden


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