The 9 Best Books that You Should Reread 

People are always searching for a new book to read. But they forget that they can reread a book that they enjoyed. Some books tend to be better when you know the plot and the lore. That is why we decided to list the 9 best books that you should reread. Keep reading to find out what books made our list. 

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The 9 Best Books that You Should Reread 

This is the second such list we have created so some obvious choices will be missing. You can see that list here. The novels that made this list are ones that we and many other reads loved and are worth revisiting. Some are obvious choices while others are ones we loved and believe are worth reading over and over again. 

The 9 Best Books that You Should Reread 

Books Worth Rereading 

The first book on the list is The Secret History by Donna Tartt and that is a fun choice. If you have read it or know anything about Donna Tartt, then you will know all her books are long. That is why rereading her books is a challenge. But this novel is just that good that it is worth it. 

Another novel that we chose is the classic sci-fi novel Dune by Frank Herbert. It is top tier science fiction and not many books can compare. Add that with the prophecy theme of the novel and a lot of the pieces will start falling into place during the second read.  

Lastly, we added Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because it is just that good. Revisiting novel that you read as a middle schooler is a must. Your experience is going to be different and you will be seeing the novel through a different and more mature point of view.  


These are the 9 best books that you should reread! How many of these books have you read or reread? Let us know in the comments below! 

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