7 Best Lesbian Romance Novels To Read in 2023

Are you seeking outstanding lesbian books and lesbian fiction? You’re in the perfect place! More lesbian books than ever before are available worldwide. Overused clichés give rise to new ideas that find their way into a variety of marketable genres.

With the help of this list of books, you can learn more about what lesbian romance novels have to offer and which ones you should start reading.

1. The One Woman by Laura May

The One Woman by Laura May
The One Woman by Laura May

The One Woman is Laura May’s most recent lesbian romance novel. The life of graphic artist Julie and her relationship with Mark don’t stand out despite the use of a range of views. Until Ann shows up. Ann is a beautiful, wise, and seductive woman. It’s hard for Julie to deny the chemistry they felt right away after unintentionally bumping across one another.

The spark will come back to life after the encounter in Barcelona. When catastrophe hits, Julie will have to choose between remaining loyal to Mark or loving Ann. Can true love withstand obstacles? To learn more, read the novel by writer Laura May.

2. Satisfaction Guaranteed by Karelia Stetz-Waters

Cade Elgin knows exactly what she wants to do with her profession. Relationships are nonexistent, “professional talk” is now her only means of communication, and don’t even bring up the word “orgasm.” Cade is a dull person when he only works. Cade is forced to choose between her career and a store loaded with every type of pleasure imaginable when she inherits a sex toy store, including her infuriatingly careless and delectably seductive new co-owner.

Selena Mathis discovered the hard way that there is such a thing as too much good. She has made an oath of chastity and is concentrating on how to make Satisfaction Guaranteed a success for this very reason. She won’t screw this up. No, not now. Selena’s feelings, however, are getting in the way once more and tempting her with a powerful attraction to the buttoned-up Cade.

However, things aren’t exactly going well at the shop, and Cade and Selena are in danger of losing both their job and their chance at a relationship. Can they collaborate effectively enough before Satisfaction Guaranteed runs out of power?

3. Down to a Science by Haley Cass

Ellie Beckett leads a straightforward existence; she is on pace to become a world authority in biomedical engineering, she frequents a local pub frequently, and what does it matter if she doesn’t have time for people? She does neither require or desire them.

Until Mia Sharpe comes along.

4. Breaking Character by Lee Winter

Elizabeth Thornton, a cold British A-lister, is living in a ludicrous disaster. She despises a popular television medical drama that has the most despised villain in America. Now, because of the young actress’s carelessness, she has been romantically associated with her vivacious, new co-star, Summer. Elizabeth doesn’t need that at all because she is a secret actress. Life would be so much better if she could simply land the dream movie part. 

The only issue is that the eccentric French filmmaker who offers it insists on first meeting Summer, her “girlfriend.” When Summer Hayes’ co-star avoids her because she unintentionally started rumors about their relationship, she is crushed. In order to land a role, the alleged British Bitch has the audacity to ask Summer to pose as her girlfriend. Even Elizabeth dislikes Summer! Oh, how she would love to reject her. In fact, Summer would if it weren’t for the fact that she’s just a little bit in love with the impossibly beautiful woman. A lesbian celebrity love story about finding love, shedding facades, and attempting to follow the plan.

5. The Forever Factor by Melissa Brayden

Is loving and then losing someone really better? Bethany Cahill replies “no.” Her fellow cheerleader Reid Thatcher broke her heart like a beetle eleven years ago as she was holding it in her hand. Since then, Bethany stays away from danger, gain, and any romantic TV content. Simply no. But Bethany is thrust into the past and forced to look into Reid’s eyes, which are still obnoxiously beautiful, when adult Reid’s shopping cart collides with hers. Because it’s not always easy to forgive, Bethany isn’t planning on opening up to Reid. Not after everything she took.

No kiss since has ever been as fulfilling as when Bethany’s lips were on Reid’s, even though Reid never really understood why Bethany withheld forgiveness all those years ago. The coincidental encounter was fortunate since it sparks Reid’s strategy to unravel Bethany’s enigma of silence. She didn’t anticipate the consequences of learning the truth, though.

Giving new meaning to letting go, forgiving, and a future worth fighting for, Bethany and Reid confront their past.

6. The Split by Laura Kay

Ally flees a violent breakup with her ex’s cat to her father’s home in Sheffield (who always preferred her anyway). Ally sits on the couch to lament the future she had imagined after realizing Emily wasn’t coming to get the cat or her back.

After a few days of grace, her father summons Jeremy, Ally’s old friend and bearded man. When they are reunited, they discover comfort in one other’s suffering and a never-ending supply of baked delicacies. They devise a plan to run the half marathon and get their ex-partners back, but they become jacked up on sweets and share a delusion.

This appears to be the ideal illustration of their capacity for dedication and self-improvement. But will their ex-partners be waiting for them at the finish line, or is a brand-new future in store?

7. Beautiful Dreamer by Melissa Brayden

Devyn Winters, a real estate broker in Philadelphia, is enjoying the pinnacle of her career as she closes multimillion dollar deals. In Dreamer’s Bay, where the twice-yearly bake sale was the most exciting event to occur, she has essentially blacked out her formative years. Unluckily, a distress call forces her to return home and abandon the life she has created. How long till she can depart once more is the question at hand now. And how did plain Elizabeth Draper become so attractive?

People, leisure time, and a good cup of coffee in the sun are three things Elizabeth Draper enjoys. She works for On the Spot, an odd jobs business, alone in the sleepy town of Dreamer’s Bay. In high school, she thought Devyn Winters was shallow; however, right now, everything about Devyn causes her to become distracted. Her heart didn’t seem to understand that Devyn is only temporarily home, despite the fact that her brain did.

What are your favorite lesbian romance novels?

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