The Six Best Books I Read This Year

With so many amazing books this year, I imagine many  to read lists to be backed up for a long time. This year has been a good one for reading books that I have wanted to for a while as well as finding new gems. Keep reading to see my list of the six best books I read this year.

The way I choose which books to read is often times random. It depends on how I’m feeling as well as what book is closest to me. Lately, I have been trying to read newer books but that doesn’t mean I will completely ignore older books. Just one book on this list is older than 3 years!

The Six Best Books I Read This Year

Six Favorite Books of 2023

novel fiction Deacon King Kong
Deacon King Kong Book Review

I will start this list off by the novel that pulled on my heartstrings the most. Deacon King Kong by James McBride is an amazing novel and the way everything is intertwined will have you appreciating McBride’s approach. And it looks like McBride’s latest novel is just as good if not better.

As someone that loves horror novels, I am always eager to discover new gems. Silver Nitrate by Silvia Moreno-Garcia is a splendid novel that combines many different elements to make a horror novel unlike anything else. It may not be the greatest horror novel but Moreno-Garcia has cemented herself as a top-tier horror author.

Interview with a Vampire book Anne Rice
Interview with a Vampire book review

Not every novel I read this year is new. I decided to read a popular novel called Interview with the Vampire (The Vampire Chronicles, #1) by Anne Rice. It tells the story of a vampire named Louis de Pointe du Lac who recalls his 300-year-old past. I love the different approach to the vampire genre and was mesmerized with this novel.


These are the six best books of 2023 that I read. They are the ones that stood out the most. There were a few others that may make a future list. I know I will be thinking about all these books for years to come. Happy reading!

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