7 Great Books That You Should Read  

One of my favorite things about reading is discovering new books. As any reader knows, finding a good book to read isn’t always easy. That is why I will be discussing 7 great book that you should read!  

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7 Great Books That You Should Read  

I have read hundreds of books and have come across some amazing books over the years. I don’t finish books that I don’t enjoy reading. Part of the reason is that I will barely read if the book isn’t to my liking. This list will be focusing on books that I couldn’t put down. You can see the full list below!  

7 Great Books That You Should Read  

Seven Book Recommendations  

These are seven books that I came across by chance and ended up enjoying them a lot. That is why you should always give new books a chance. It is always easy to choose a book to read by an author you know and that is fine. But that is also how you find new authors that you love.  

Pachinko is one of the best historical fiction novels that I have ever read. I ended up choosing it because it was showing up in my feed. And I am glad I did because I think about this novel often. Another novel I decided to read after seeing it on a list was Mickey7. As someone that loves sci-fi novels, I was instantly hooked.  


If you need a good book to read, then this are 7 great books that you should read. Most of them aren’t too long and can be finished within a week or a short trip. These recommendations are just some of my personal favorites and it’ll be an ongoing series. Happy reading!

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