The Five Best Children’s Books of All Time 

Children’s books are the first books that many of us read. They tend to hold a special place in our heart. We decided to do the impossible and list the five best children’s books of all time. Keep reading to see which made our list! 

Choosing only five is a recipe for disaster. I can already imagine people complaining about their favorite being left off. That is how these things go. Still, seeing people debate their favorite books is fun too. You can see the full list below. 

The Five Best Children’s Books of All Time

 The Five Best Children’s Books of All Time 

Our Five Picks 

All five of the books on the list are deserving of their spot. Yes, there are going to be great children’s books left out but that is always going to be the case. Can you argue that Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak or The Giving Tree by Shel Silversteindo not deserve to be on the list. Or the other three books chosen.  

These five books are all amazing children’s books and are still as popular as ever. Leaving classic children’s books off the list is not easy for us either. But with only five spots, tough decisions had to be made and we stand by them.  


That is all for our list of the five best children’s books of all time. What books would you have added to this list? Let us know in the comments below. Until next time, happy reading! 

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4 thoughts on “The Five Best Children’s Books of All Time 

  1. Gill G says:

    Caps for Sale by Esphyr Slobodkina deserves to be on any list of top books for children.

  2. Anonymous says:

    This seems to be a quite lazy article. No explanation is given as to why the books were chosen over others or what other books were considered but ultimately didn’t make the cut. I have no problem with the choices since obviously it is an opinion article. My problem is with the “author” having no defense of the choices other than “Isn’t it obvious?” And although it might be obvious to the author that does not necessarily make it obvious to others who may have not even read all the books on the list.
    This does not mean the author is wrong. As I stated, it is an opinion. Who cares if other people disagree with the choices. What matters is whether you put any thought into your choices, and that thought is not shown in this “article”.

  3. MC says:

    Ugh. Wow. What a sad, boring list of the best children’s books. The message of the giving tree is garbage. There are SO many better children’s books than goodnight moon. You like rhyming? How about The Snail and The Whale or Iggy Peck Architect?

  4. Nancy says:

    Loved and read all these books to my grandchildren.


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