How to Read More Books in 2023! 

Everyone wants to read more books but not everyone is able to. There are a lot of barriers that restrict you from reading more books and many of them come down to mental barriers and habits. We will give you advice and tips on how to read more books in 2023! 

A big reason why people are unable to read more books is that they are always busy. Something comes up or you are easily distracted. If you want to read more books, you have to have the mindset of I’m going to read or all of these tips will be in vain. 

How to Read More Books in 2023 

Now that you have actively made the decision to read more books, we will look at ways to help you read more books. Different tips will work for different people. You will have to find the ones that best get you to pick up a book! 

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How to Read More Books in 2023!

Make a List of Books you Want to Read 

This may sound simple but it is often overlooked. The best way to read more books is to have a list of books to read. And we don’t mean books laying around your house. Make a list of a bunch of books you would like to read. You can either buy them or put them on hold at your local library. 

Looking forward to reading a book or books will make you eager to read it. You can browse the best books of the year lists or a list of classics. Or even books from various lists. You can even ask your friends for some suggestions. Books referred by other people are always a great read and you can talk to your friend about it after you finish reading them! 

Set Reading Goals 

Reading a book is hard for many people. There are hundreds of other things to do. That is why you should set reading goals for yourself. Bill Gates reads an hour a day every day. He made that a routine and is able to stick to it consistently. You don’t have to be as ambitious as him but setting a realistic goal is a great way to read more books. 

Turn Off Your Phone 

One of the biggest distractors is your phone. When you sit down to read, turn off your phone or leave it on do not disturb. You can also put a timer and read until it goes off. We know things will happen that will sometimes prevent you from reading at times but it starts with a routine and few distractions. 

Read Various Genres 

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Set reading goals for yourself

Sometimes, it may be the books you are reading. A book that didn’t leave you satisfied might turn you off from reading for a while. To avoid that, try reading different genres and see which books make you want to read more. Reading trilogies or a book series is also great because you have more books to read as well as making you eager for the next book in the series. 

Join a Reading Challenge 

A great way to read more is to join a reading challenge. That way, you will try to complete the challenges by reading more. While this won’t work for everyone, some people just need a push to keep reading more! 


These are some of the ways to read more books in 2023. It starts by choosing a book that will keep you interested and slowly making good reading habits. But it always comes down to how much you want to read. Follow these tips and you will easily surpass your reading goals from last year! 

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