Five Books to Read While Waiting For The Winds of Winter

The wait for The Winds of Winter by George R.R. Martin has been a long one. But the novel is said to be only a couple of years away. Until then, these are the five books to read while waiting for The Winds of Winter!

The previous novel in A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones series) was released in 2011. It has been a decade since and a lot has happened. We got to see Game of Thrones on HBO and it ended up surpassing the books. The ending left many fans unsatisfied and even the author was disappointed.  

There are currently two more novels left in the series (and who knows how many spinoffs) before the series comes to an end. That may not happen for another decade unfortunately. However, these 5 books should hold you over for a bit. You can see the full list below!

Five Books to Read While Waiting For The Winds of Winter

Fantasy Novels Similiar to A Song of Ice and Fire

The first book on the list has to be The Dragonbone Chair by Tad Williams. It is one of the novels that inspired A Game of Thrones. You will see a lot of similarities and can make the connections as to how A song of Ice and Fire came to be. Williams doesn’t get enough credit for being an amazing fantasy writer.  

The Dragonbone Chair by by Tad Williams

A novel that deserves the same amount of recognition in my opinion is Joe Abercrombie’s The Blade Itself. I fell in love with the writing style and the world building right off the bat. If you enjoyed A Game of Thrones, then you’ll love this series.  

Another gritty novel that you should check out is The Shadow of the Gods by John Gwynne. It is a Norse mythology inspired novel that is unlike anything else out there. And just like Abercrombie, Gwynne’s not is ruthless and bloody.  

The Shadow of the Gods fantays novel, Norse Mythology
The Shadow of the Gods by John Gwynne


These are the five books to read to hold you over until The Winds of Winter is released. These books have multiple books in the series and should keep you busy for a year or more. Happy reading!

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