The 20 Best Horror Novels of All Time 

Horror novels can be the best or worst book you read depending on the author. Some authors know how to write an amazing novel while others include too many tropes. That is why we decided to list the 20 best horror novels of all time. Keep reading to see what made our list. 

Choosing only 20 horror novels was not easy. Or enough. Stephen King can dominate this list with his bestsellers and it would be hard to argue that. But he isn’t the only author that excels at writing horror. You can see the full list below. 

The 20 Best Horror Novels of All Time 

Scary Hour 

Our list includes some classics because leaving them off would be a crime. Novels like Dracula and Frankenstein are the face of the genre. If you like horror, then those are worth reading and seeing how many novels have been inspired by them.  

Other novels that are worth checkout on the list are Ring by Koji Suzuki, Carrion Comfort by Dan Simmons, and The Silence of the Lambs by Thomas Harris. All three are well written and two of them have had mainstream success. Carrion Comfort is a long but amazing read that I enjoyed more than I thought I would! 


That is all for our list of the 20 best horror novels of all time. Let us know in the comments which books should have made our list. Happy reading! 

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15 thoughts on “The 20 Best Horror Novels of All Time 

  1. Michael Riley says:

    What about James Herbert’s “The Rats”?

      1. Nat says:

        The f**king Steven King show, don’t you guys read anything else? No Ramsey Campbell?

      2. Anonymous says:

        What about Moon by James Herbert

  2. Anonymous says:

    What about Necroscope by Brian Lumley. I see Clive Barker has no mention. Or AA Milne.

    1. Adrian Scarlett says:

      Totally agree, Brian lumley’s entire bibliography is amazing, as is Clive barker’s. Two of the most descriptive and inventive authors I’ve ever read

  3. Anonymous says:

    To much king. You are missing some of the other “kings” of horror.

    No dean kuntz
    No F Paul Wilson
    No Edgar Allen Poe

    Where is “I am legend”?

    “Who goes there?”

    I request a re-release with a limit of one book per author.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I love Stephen King but damn spread the love six titles out of twenty is just ridiculous.

  5. Susan H Sanchez says:

    How about The Woman In Black by Susan Hill? It’s a great horror book that gives you goosebumps


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