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We decided to launch a Reddit Community or a subreddit as it is typically known as. Keep reading to find out how to join and what to expect!

Why We Made a Subreddit?

You might be asking why does Books of Brilliance need a subreddit? Currently, there isn’t a good way to communicate with our community. We have had ideas to post what our readers are reading, do polls, and recommend books that we don’t have book reviews for.

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The purpose of this subreddit is going to be for us to interact with our readers as well as find ways to create content around it. We also want to see users share book memes and the best ones will be featured on our instagram.

How to Join

You can join by following this link In the next couple of weeks, we will be building it from the ground up. If you want to share your thoughts or book recommendations, this is going to be the best place to do so. We will be checking the reddit atleast once a day.

We will also be sharing some articles on the reddit here and there as well as articles that we think our readers would love. Or even new books. That is something that we cannot do on the website unfortunately.


If you want to join, just follow the link. We would love to see you there and here your thoughts. Happy reading!

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