Man who Retired at 35 Credits These 8 Books in Helping Him Become a Millionaire  

Steve Adcock was able to retire at age 35 in 2016. He had saved up $900,000 and was able to reach a million a few years after. Like many millionaires, he wasn’t born into money. He credits 8 books to helping him become a millionaire and retire early.  

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8 books that helped Steve Adcock retire at 35.

8 Books That Helped Adcock Retire a Millionaire at 35 

An Early Retirement

Becoming a millionaire and retiring in your 30’s is not an easy task. In this day and age, a million dollars is not enough to retire in your 30’s anymore. That indicates that Adcock’s money is earning him money. After he retired with 900,000, Adcock made $100,000 plus in the years after.  

Even after his yearly expenses, Adcock was still able to make a profit. He is taking the advice from the 8 books listed above and letting his money work for him. If you look at the list, not all the books listed are about making money. Some of them are about your mental health and psychology.  


Few people can retire at age 35. But the ones that do are smart with their money. They plan for the future and increase their wealth even after retirement. These 8 books can help many people become money smart and also be on the fast track to an early retirement! 

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