Watership Down: Book Review

Watership Down by Richard Adams is a brilliant novel that should be told to kids all over the world. It is a novel about escape and adventure and the main characters are mostly rabbits. This may have been Adam’s first novel but he wrote it like someone with years of experience under his belt. Read our book review below!

Watership Down Summary

It all starts when a fragile rabbit has a vision of the destruction of the warren where and other rabbits reside. Not every rabbit heads his warning but a few including his brother do and leave the warren on bad terms. What follows is adventure, new friends and enemies and stories told in burrows about a revered rabbit of legend.

Watership Down by Richard Adams
Watership Down by Richard Adams

Adams used to tell his two daughters this story and was told to write them down and he finally got around to it. It took a few publishers but Adams was able to finally get it published and his daughters were right; his stories were great. He went on to win the Carnegie medal along with a bunch of others. The publisher Rex Collings was a one-man publishing company and was not able to pay an advance on the book but made sure it reached the right people in London.

Watership Down is a place in Hampshire, England, and was near where Adams lived. The rabbits journey to Watership Down and their adventures at that place are wild and will keep you hooked. They may be just rabbits but as we find out, that is just the surface.


Watership Down Trailer (1978)

Making readers support a bunch of wild rabbits is no easy task. Yet Adams makes it look easy. Maybe because the story wasn’t just a story to him. He used to tell this story to his children all the time and it become much more than just another story. For him and his family and millions of readers around the world.

If you love rabbits, then you will most likely devour this book. If you don’t like rabbits, you may still like the book but will probably be rooting for the other animals in the books. Either way, this is a classic novel that is worth reading and recommending over and over!

Watership Down

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