The Thief: Book Review

Some of the best novels to read for me are foreign novels. A lot of our world views are shaped by movies and television but it is often exaggerated. However, a novel by an author who is from said country gives us insight that we would never come across otherwise and Fuminori Nakamura’s novel The Thief does just that. Find out why this novel should be your next read!

The Thief Summary 

We are introduced to the thief. He is great at what he does which is pickpocket wealthy strangers in the streets of Tokyo. You might think he steals because he needs the money but it more than that for him. Pickpocketing brings him a joy that he cannot live without.

The Thief novel
The Thief book review

The protagonist may be a thief but he also has a sense of justice. He might go out of his way and help out someone in trouble. Or a random kid who he doesn’t know who needs a father figure. But his past catches up to him and he must do all he can do to come out on top.

The thief’s first partner enters his life again and invites him on a heist that he cannot say no to. It is a simple robbery orchestrated by a strange and powerful man. It begs the question why was the thief and his friend chosen for this task? And what is it going to cost them?


Reading a novel and not knowing the protagonist’s name is always an adventure. Makes me think of Fight Club and how that played a big part in the plot. Here it does play a big part but not towards the overall plot but an internal struggle.

The Thief Kindle Edition

Nakamura’s a delightful writer and the novel kept me wanting to read more and more. This is one of those novels you can’t put down easily. The mysterious element is great but the real magic is in the amazing character development. And wondering how it all will turn out.


This is a novel that was translated to English but nothing seems to be lost in translation. I was joyed that I was able to read an amazing novel like this. And I will be looking out for more works from Nakamura. So, if you want a book to read related to Japan, then I recommend this brilliant novel. 

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